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Some Bernie Sanders Supporters Organize National Meeting for Purpose of Creating a Progressive Party

Ballot Access News:

Several groups, most of which are Bernie Sanders supporters, have called a national meeting in Washington, D.C., for September 8-10, for the purpose of discussing creating a new Progressive Party. The meeting will be at American University. The meeting is also called by Socialist Alternative. One of the speakers will be Rocky Anderson, who founded the Justice Party in late 2011 and was its presidential nominee in 2012.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: ‘Dick Gregory deserves serious biographers and a civic institution to further his work and inspire posterity’

Ralph Nader at

The loss of justice-fighter, satirist Dick Gregory, at age 84 was received with cries from his friends that “he was one of a kind.” No one showed up, here and abroad where people in severe crises needed empathy and support, more than Dick Gregory. He fasted to dangerous personal levels to attract attention to those deprived and oppressed who were striving for justice.

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Willow Nash: ‘Thousands stand against Trump in Phoenix’

Willow Nash at the PSL’s Liberation News:

Photo credits Isaiah Jiang

On August 22, thousands of people from all walks of life gathered outside Phoenix Convention Center to protest Pres. Donald Trump’s rally. During his rally, Trump reiterated that “both sides” were to blame for the Charlottesville catastrophe, doubled down on his rhetoric about building “the wall,” and stated his plans to pardon racist Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man responsible for the inhumane treatment of both immigrants and inmates.… Read more ...

Workers World Party: ‘Bannon out – but hold the cheering’

Deirdre Griswold at Workers World:

Three Marine Corps generals in the White House: Chief of Staff John Kelly, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Joint Chiefs Chairman Joseph Dunford.

When the news broke that Steve Bannon, the racist “alt-right” adviser to Donald Trump, had been forced out of his job at the White House and was returning to his home at Breitbart News, it was easy to feel elated.… Read more ...

Peace and Freedom Party: ‘NAFTA, Deportations, Workers’ Struggles’

This resolution was adopted unanimously on August 13, 2017 by the State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California.

Cancel NAFTA! Tear Down the Wall of Shame / Not One More Deportation! Support Workers’ Rights and Struggles in Mexico, the United States, and Canada!

Whereas, there is a stepped-up attack on immigrant workers — documented and undocumented — in the United States, and NAFTA has been used to pit U.S.… Read more ...

Dick Gregory Dies

Ballot Access News:

Dick Gregory, the last surviving presidential candidate from the November 1968 election, died on August 20. He was 84 and was living in Washington, D.C. He was the Freedom and Peace presidential nominee in 1968. Here is a major obituary from the Los Angeles Times. Thanks to Irv Sutley for the link.… Read more ...

WSWS: ‘Trump deepens appeal to fascist right’

Patrick Martin at (associated with the Socialist Equality Party):

In a series of tweets Thursday morning, US President Donald Trump intensified his appeal to racist and fascist forces, bemoaning the loss of “beautiful statues and monuments” of Confederate generals like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

Trump’s comments were a calculated overture to the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday over efforts to remove a statue of Robert E.… Read more ...

C. J. Atkins at CPUSA’s People’s World: ‘Nazis fulfilling the promises of Donald Trump’

BY C.J. ATKINS at the CPUSA’s People’s World:

Nazis in Virginia: “Fulfilling the promises of Donald Trump”
A demonstrator marching in solidarity with the Charlottesville anti-racist activists holds a sign recalling the Woody Guthrie song, “All You Fascists Bound to Lose,” in Chicago on August 13. | Micah Uetricht / DSA Chicago

Usually when David Duke opens his mouth, you can count on the words that come out to be a lie.… Read more ...

West Virginia PSL: Honor anti-racist fighters, preserve legacy of John Brown

Smash white supremacy! Honor anti-racist fighters, preserve legacy of John Brown!

By West Virginia PSL

Statue of “Stonewall” Jackson in Charleston, West Virginia

Statement from West Virginia Branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

The West Virginia branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation wholeheartedly endorses and stands in solidarity with the call to remove all monuments to Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and any other Confederate sympathizers from public display in the state.… Read more ...

Workers World Party: ‘Cops and Klan, Hand in Hand’: Lessons of Charlottesville

Sara Flounders at (Workers World Party):

Workers World contingent arrives at Emancipation Park, Charlottesville, N.C.

Flounders was a participant in the Aug. 12 Charlottesville, Va., anti-racist mobilization.

The racist “Unite the Right” mobilization in Charlottesville on Aug. 12 exposed once again the collusion of the capitalist state, its repressive police agencies and the current mobilizing of fascist organizations in the U.S.… Read more ...

IPR owner Warren Redlich to run for President in 2020?

Commenting at The Jack News article on prospective 2020 LP candidates for POTUS IPR owner Warren Redlich writes:

You left me out. The “Stop Wasting Money” campaign is coming. 🙂

I haven’t asked Mr. Redlich whether he was serious, but the entire series is highly speculative so in covering this series of articles at The Jack News for IPR I have decided to expand the series, as a bonus to our readers.… Read more ...

Peace and Freedom Party: ‘Support the People’s Congress of Resistance’

People's Congress of Resistance banner

On September 16 and 17, 2017, in Washington D.C. at the Blackburn Center at Howard University, activists from around the country will hold the first ever People’s Congress of Resistance. This is a critical opportunity to bring together voices from various movements all across the country to establish a program and strategy for what the people need and what we are fighting for: A vision for a better society.… Read more ...