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Ballot Access News: If You Wish to Help the Ballot Access Bill Take Effect in North Carolina, Here is the Contact Page for Governor Roy Cooper

Ballot Access News:

As already noted, on October 5 the North Carolina legislature passed the ballot access bill, SB 656. There is a danger that Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat, will veto it. There is a provision in the bill, unrelated to ballot access, that cancels the 2018 primaries for state judicial elections, and Democrats are opposed to this.… Read more ...

LA Times: “Inspired by Seattle and turned off by Trump, People’s Party looks for a national stage”

Organizers of what could become a new U.S. political party will gather in Washington, D.C., this weekend to decide whether to work within the Democratic Party for reform or launch their own progressive movement called the People’s Party, with Bernie Sanders as their preferred presidential candidate.

While the outlines of what the People’s Party might look like are still unfolding, organizers have already found a working model for guidance and inspiration — in Seattle.Read more ...

PSL statement on DACA repeal

Party for Socialism and Liberation:

Statement from the Party for Socialism and Liberation on the recent announcement from the White House of the cancellation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The White House has announced that it will be ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program otherwise known as DACA.… Read more ...

Peter Diamondstone, Founder of Liberty Union Party, Dead at Age 82

Ballot Access News:

Peter Diamondstone, age 82, died on August 30. He founded the Vermont Liberty Union Party in 1970 and ran for a statewide office in Vermont every two years since then. See this obituary, which has a nice quote about Diamondstone from Bernie Sanders. Thanks to James Mahoney for this news.… Read more ...

Frank Castro: ‘For Abolition: Prisons and Police Are More Than Brutality, They’re State Terror’

Frank Castro of the Hampton Institute at The Socialist (official publication of the Socialist Party USA):

In his speech “Terrorism: Theirs and Ours,” now deceased Professor Eqbal Ahmad elucidated five types of terrorism: state, religious, mafia, pathological, and political terror of the private group. Of these types, the focus in mainstream political discourse and media has almost always centered itself on discussion of just one: “political terror of the private group” – organizations like al-Qaida, the Taliban, and ISIS.… Read more ...

William Saturn: ‘On Charlottesville’


A statue honoring Confederate soldiers in Charlottesville, Virginia

William Saturn is a citizen journalist who frequently covers alternative parties and independent candidates and an IPR author/editor. Original article at Saturn’s Repository:

After the events in Charlottesville this past month, I had to clear my thoughts. Discourse had, once again, reached a level of absurdity.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation: ‘Houston, Hurricane Harvey and capitalism’s ‘unnatural disaster’’

Party for Socialism and Liberation:

The Party for Socialism and Liberation expresses our condolences and solidarity to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones, been injured, or lost their homes and other vital possessions due to the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.

Twelve years to the day after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and much of the Gulf coast, millions in southeast Texas are suffering the devastating impact of another huge storm.… Read more ...

Working Families Party: ‘Big Wins You May Have Missed: 2017 Victories for Local WFP Candidates’

Trump’s presidency has sparked a massive grassroots resistance. But we’re not only fighting Trump — we’re also electing the next generation of progressive leaders in local races around the country.

When WFP-backed progressive Christine Pellegrino upset her Republican opponent in a special election for New York State Assembly this spring, WFP New York State Director Bill Lipton said it best:

“Bold populism that puts working families’ issues front and center — this is how we win in Trump country.Read more ...

Gloria Rubac: ‘Eyewitness Harvey: Toxic chemicals, biased coverage and prisons’

Gloria Rubac at the Workers World Party’s

An oil refinery flare, right, continues to burn through wind and rain as Hurricane Harvey moves into Corpus Christi, Texas, on Friday, Aug. 25, 2017.

Houston, Aug. 28 — I grew up in Oklahoma’s “tornado alley.” I’ve lived on the Texas Gulf Coast for almost 50 years.… Read more ...

Some Bernie Sanders Supporters Organize National Meeting for Purpose of Creating a Progressive Party

Ballot Access News:

Several groups, most of which are Bernie Sanders supporters, have called a national meeting in Washington, D.C., for September 8-10, for the purpose of discussing creating a new Progressive Party. The meeting will be at American University. The meeting is also called by Socialist Alternative. One of the speakers will be Rocky Anderson, who founded the Justice Party in late 2011 and was its presidential nominee in 2012.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: ‘Dick Gregory deserves serious biographers and a civic institution to further his work and inspire posterity’

Ralph Nader at

The loss of justice-fighter, satirist Dick Gregory, at age 84 was received with cries from his friends that “he was one of a kind.” No one showed up, here and abroad where people in severe crises needed empathy and support, more than Dick Gregory. He fasted to dangerous personal levels to attract attention to those deprived and oppressed who were striving for justice.

Read more ...

Willow Nash: ‘Thousands stand against Trump in Phoenix’

Willow Nash at the PSL’s Liberation News:

Photo credits Isaiah Jiang

On August 22, thousands of people from all walks of life gathered outside Phoenix Convention Center to protest Pres. Donald Trump’s rally. During his rally, Trump reiterated that “both sides” were to blame for the Charlottesville catastrophe, doubled down on his rhetoric about building “the wall,” and stated his plans to pardon racist Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man responsible for the inhumane treatment of both immigrants and inmates.… Read more ...