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Liberation News: “Bill Clinton Inc.” exposed

Joe Delaplaine at the PSL’s Liberation News:

“Hillary Clinton is a walking conflict of interest”, said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, the Executive Director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund on a recent interview on Radio Sputnik’s “Loud and Clear”. “In 2009, as the newly appointed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had to sign an oath –part of U.S.… Read more ...

William Saturn: Review of the 2016 Free & Equal Debate

William Saturn at Saturn’s Repository:

On October 25, the Free & Equal Elections Foundation held a debate on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder, moderated by actor Ed Asner and Free & Equal founder Christina Tobin. This was the organization’s third election cycle hosting a presidential debate.… Read more ...

William Saturn: ‘Backing the True Outsider’

William Saturn at Saturn’s Repository:

For the first time in my life, I am voting for a major party presidential candidate. My reasoning, however, has not changed. Tomorrow I will vote for Donald Trump for the same reasons I voted for Ralph Nader in 2004, Chuck Baldwin in 2008, and Gary Johnson in 2012.… Read more ...

New Mexico Libertarian Party Gains Enough Registration to Meet One of the Two Tests to Have its Own Primary

Ballot Access News:

The New Mexico Libertarian Party has never had a government-provided primary. The only minor party that has ever had its own primary in New Mexico is the Green Party, which had one in 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2004. The state requires a party to meet two tests to have a primary: (1) a vote of 5% for a statewide office; (2) registration of three-tenths of 1%.… Read more ...

Peter Gemma: Election Prediction Challenge

I want to keep this prediction for 3rd party candidates simple: percentage for the Big Two (Green and Libertarian), and, for other 3rd party and independent candidates, vote totals or specific guesses on states.  Since there are so many in the later category, I thought it best to leave those entries open ended; list as many as you wish.… Read more ...

Veronica Tash: The Horrors of Hillary

Veronica Tash at the North Star:

On October 28, Bill Maher gave a long monologue about “false equivalency” between Trump and Clinton, denigrating the best informed generation of voters this election, millennials, of not being educated on the candidates and falsely equating Trump and Hillary as equally evil:

“I am so tired of hearing: ‘I know Trump’s a creep but Hillary doesn’t seem genuine.’ Grow the fuck up, she is a civil servant, not a craft beer.… Read more ...

Wikinews Publishes “Final Pleas” From Three Third Party Candidates

In the sixth and final edition of the monthly Wikinews series on the 2016 presidential election, three candidates not invited to Free & Equal’s 2016 presidential debate were provided an opportunity to write a final statement to voters.

Those making their final plea include: America’s Party nominee Tom Hoefling (who asked to use the same statement he made as a final plea as his party’s nominee in 2012); Socialist Party USA and Natural Law Party presidential nominee Mimi Soltysik, and former Thompson Township, Fulton County, Pennsylvania Tax Assessor James Hedges, nominee of the Prohibition Party.… Read more ...

Larry Rubin at People’s World: ‘Trump’s world wide empire is rife with sleaze’

Photo: Bebeto Matthews | AP

Larry Rubin at the CPUSA’s People’s World:

WASHINGTON – It’s hard to tell if Donald Trump has been planting the seeds of sleazy business practices around the world or if he’s attracted to existing sleaze-purveyors.

One thing is certain: where there are real illegal scams, there is Trump.… Read more ...

Workers World Party: Workers bear brunt of Trump’s bankruptcy

If Donald Trump really wanted to “Make America great again,” he could start with his own employees, who lost millions in retirement savings when Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts declared bankruptcy in 2004. According to the 2004 class action lawsuit they filed, THCR encouraged them to invest their 401(k) savings in shares of THCR stock.… Read more ...

Workers World Party: Trump, Clinton and the FBI

Something quite unprecedented in U.S. presidential elections happened on Oct. 28, and there is much speculation throughout the media as to why.

Just a week and a half before election day, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to members of Congress about new developments in the agency’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, which supposedly had ended months earlier.… Read more ...

Bernie Sanders Says “It’s Fine with Me” if Voters in Non-Swing States Want to Cast a Write-in Vote for Him

Ballot Access News:

Bernie Sanders was recently asked about voters who are thinking about casting a write-in vote for president for him. According to this story, he said “It’s fine with me” as long as it is a state in which there is no doubt which major party nominee will win that state.… Read more ...

Tom MacMillan: The Green Party’s Political Independence Problem



As a rule, large capitalists are Republicans and small capitalists are Democrats, but workingmen must remember that they are all capitalists, and that the many small ones, like the fewer large ones, are all politically supporting their class interests, and this is always and everywhere the capitalist class” – renown labor leader and Socialist Party presidential candidate Eugene V.Read more ...