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Oklahoma House Passes Bill Making it Easier for a Party to Remain on the Ballot

Ballot Access News (excerpt):

On March 31, the Oklahoma House passed SB 896 by a vote of 69-15. It makes it easier for a party to remain on the ballot. Current law removes parties from the ballot when they fail to poll 10% for the office at the top of the ballot (president in presidential years, and Governor in midterm years).

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Jill Pyeatt Buys IPR; Vows to Make Site 100 % Politically Correct

New banner for IPR

In a move certain to increase the appeal of Independent Political Report, long-time IPR writer and commenter Jill Pyeatt has worked out a deal with current owner Warren Redlich to sell the political blog to her. “I’m excited about this opportunity”, she said. “I’ve cashed in my retirement savings to do this, as I’m certain my strategy will make this a strong and hugely popular destination for, well, everyone!… Read more ...

Federal Judge Strikes Down Restrictive Georgia Presidential Ballot Access Requirement

From Peter Orvetti at Green Party Watch:

U.S. District Court Judge Richard W. Story ruled Thursday that Georgia’s requirement that political organizations seeking to put a presidential candidate’s name on a statewide ballot have to get signatures from one percent of registered voters is unconstitutional.

The Green Party of Georgia and the Constitution Party of Georgia has filed suit against Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp over the requirement, which in 2012 required 50,334 signatures for presidential ballot access.… Read more ...

Breitbart: Result of Third-Party Lawsuit Could Decide Outcome of 2016 Election


Posted to Breitbart

By Jason Scheurer
March 7, 2016

A lawsuit filed on September 26, 2015 in Washington D.C. (and its eventual outcome) may turn out to be the most important event of the 2016 presidential election.

Virtually ignored by all but a handful of alternative media outlets, this suit has the power to destroy the existing political power structure ─ much like the ridesharing firms, Uber and Lyft, threaten the antiquated taxi industry.… Read more ...

Transhumanist Party Candidate Zoltan Istvan Touts McAfee for Libertarian Nomination

When John McAfee declared his candidacy for President of the United States last September, he did so on the notional ticket of a new “Cyber Party.” In December, he chose instead to seek the Libertarian Party‘s 2016 presidential nomination.

Last Friday, another putative “new party” candidate — Zoltan Istvan, who declared himself a “Transhumanist Party” candidate for the presidency in 2014 — recommended, in a column for The Huffington Post, “To Grow Third-Party Politics in America, Make John McAfee the Libertarian Party Nominee”:

The good news for America is that the Libertarian Party will probably be on all 50 state ballots, meaning it’s possible that the Libertarian Party presidential candidate could significantly alter the outcome of the elections.

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Mitt Romney says he’ll vote third-party against Clinton and Trump, or cast a write-in

As quoted from his recent speech, in this Daily Caller article about the Johnson campaign:

Even though neoconservatives strongly disagree with Johnson’s non-interventionist foreign policy outlook he could see himself getting their support. “On the basis of smaller government and free markets, yeah I should sweep anybody that holds to those principles,” said Gov.

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Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) pledges to support third-party candidate if Trump is nominated

SasseIn a lengthy open letter posted to his Facebook page, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) declares his intention to vote for a third-party candidate if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. He is the first Senator to say this, joining Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI).


Please understand: I’m not an establishment Republican, and I will never support Hillary Clinton.

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SD Attorney General Says Parties Can Get on Ballot with No Petition, If They are Willing to Forego Nominating Anyone for Congress, Governor, or Legislature

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On February 26, the Attorney General of South Dakota wrote a letter to attorneys for the Libertarian and Constitution Parties. Those two parties are currently suing South Dakota over the March 29 deadline to submit a petition for party status. The letter says the parties, or any parties, don’t need a petition if they just want to be on the general election ballot for President and for statewide state executive positions other than Governor (i.e., Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Public Utilities Commissioner, etc.)

Until this letter arrived, virtually everyone had believed that a group could not become a qualified party in South Dakota unless it submitted a petition of 2.5% of the last gubernatorial vote, which, this year, is 6,936 signatures.… Read more ...

Federal judge refuses to stop discriminatory ballot access law in Arkansas; earliest deadline ever remains in place for Libertarians to nominate

A federal judge on Thursday denied the Arkansas Libertarian Party’s request for a preliminary injunction that would allow the party to add or substitute nominees for inclusion on ballots for the Nov. 8 general election. […]

[Judge] Moody said that one of the four considerations in deciding whether to grant a preliminary injunction is the plaintiffs’ likelihood of succeeding on the merits of the case.

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IPR Seeks Contributors from Minor Parties

The content here at Independent Political Report is posted and provided by volunteers. We hear at times frustration that the Libertarian Party is over-represented but that reflects the make-up of our volunteers. Are you a supporter of or interested in other minor/third parties? Please comment or reach out to one of our contributors and indicate your interest as we would love to have more diverse content.… Read more ...

Sanders: Two-party system holds back competition; defends third-party ballot access

twopartsandAs reported by The HIll:

“I chose to run proudly in the Democratic primary and caucus and look forward to winning that process. But clearly, as a nation, I think we flourish when there are different ideas out there,” Sanders said during MSNBC’s Democratic presidential candidate forum in Nevada on Thursday.

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