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Will Johnson Slide Below 5 Percent Nationally?

five-percent-gold-4317717Harry Eten a senior political writer and analyst for the website published an article titled, “What Went Wrong For Gary Johnson?” earlier today.  The article explicates several reasons for Johnson’s consistent polling slide. (About .5 percent per week – from a high above 9 percent six weeks ago to a current 5.6 percent.)  Among those reasons – missing the CPD debates, policy-related gaffes, the traditional protest-vote pre-election fade, Sanders’ supporters following Sanders’ admonitions to vote for HRC, McMullin’s impact on voting behavior in Utah and other LDS (Mormon) communities, etc.… Read more ...

American Third Party Report now under new management


American Third Party Report is now under new management. The website, founded on July 16, 2016, has undergone a new graphic redesign and ownership has been transferred to new hands:


American Third Party Report has been one of the leading websites for news and varying commentaries that relate to minor/alternative political parties and independents since 2014.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging Presidential Debate Commission is Appealed

gary_johnson_the_3rd_choice_rectangle_car_magnetPress Release from Johnson-Weld Campaign:

Contact: Joe Hunter
(801) 303-7932


Plaintiffs challenging the Commission on Presidential Debates have filed an appeal of the dismissal of their lawsuit last month by the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia.… Read more ...

LNC Chair Sarwark: Statement on Write-In Campaign of Darryl W. Perry

lpbanDarryl W. Perry recently announced a write-in campaign for President. Mr. Perry sought the Libertarian nomination for President at the national convention in Orlando, Florida over Memorial Day weekend. He received 6.8% of the delegate votes on the first ballot, and 5.6% of the delegate votes on the second ballot. Governor Gary Johnson was nominated on the second ballot with 55.8% of the delegate votes.… Read more ...

Loggiaonfire: Gary Johnson Waggled his Tongue at Aleppo, Nobody Was Injured

johnsonast-2Original article can be found here.

The passing of the first “debate” of candidates – well, some of them – running for the office of President of the United States signals the beginning of the end for this election cycle. And while the leaves have not yet started browning over, make no mistake: November shall be upon us very soon.… Read more ...

Sarwark in New York; CPD “Afraid”


Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark is in New York planning to attend “in some capacity” tonight’s two Old-Party, so-called, “Presidential Debate.”

In a letter received by IPR earlier today, he reports:

Dear Libertarian,

Today, I am in New York, preparing to attend, in some capacity, the so-called Presidential Debate.… Read more ...

Study Finds Controlled Washington, D.C. Wildfires Crucial For Restoring Healthy Political Environment


Note: The following is not from the Libertarian, Green or Constitution Party Anarchist Wings:
“WASHINGTON — Calling the process essential to preventing overgrowth and promoting renewal, a study released Tuesday by researchers at American University found that regular, controlled Washington, D.C. wildfires are crucial to the restoration of a healthy political environment.… Read more ...

Dick Zimmer:” Why a Republican Is Endorsing Gary Johnson and Bill Weld”

Donald Trump is neither a conservative nor a Republican. He does not respect the Constitution and does not have the temperament or the character to be president.

I came to know Hillary Clinton as one of the most left-wing members of her husband’s administration, and she has moved much farther to the left since then.Read more ...

Interview with James Hedges, Prohibition Party nominee for President

by Peter B. Gemma

636062593429901186-CPO-NHG-080616-JIM-HEDGE-01The Prohibition Party was founded in 1869 and is the third oldest party behind the Republicans and Democrats. They have fielded presidential candidates in every election every cycle since 1872. The Prohibition Party had its heyday during the years 1882-1916, when candidates were elected to Congress, state legislatures, and changed the outcome of the 1916 presidential election.Read more ...

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA: “Milwaukee Explodes in Righteous Rebellion as Police Kill Again!”


ATPR: The Revolutionary Communist Party USA (RCP, USA), founded in 1975 and led by Bob Avakian, is based in Chicago. A hardline Marxist Leninist and Maoist organization, the party is not active in electoral politics but does publish a weekly newspaper, The Revolution, and maintains several communist-themed bookstores across the nation.

Read more ...