Ralph Nader: ‘Trump’s Hundred Days of Rage and Rapacity’

Ralph Nader at blog.nader.org:

The Lawless-loving corporatists have worked overtime to besmirch the word “regulation” (or law and order for corporations) and edify the word “deregulation,” to help bring about their dream state of dismantled or weakened regulation.

Here is one little-mentioned ongoing disaster of non-regulation costing our country. The patsy FAA, for decades after the hijacking of planes to Castro’s Cuba, refused to require the airlines to install toughened cockpit doors and stronger locks to prevent entry by terrorists bent on making the aircraft a destructive weapon.… Read more ...

Colorado LP chair Wayne Harlos interviewed on Denver NBC television affiliate


Wayne Harlos

Wayne Harlos, the Colorado Libertarian Party chair, was interview on the show “Next” on KUSA channel 9, the NBC television affiliate in Denver, Colorado, on April 12.

Click here to watch the interview.… Read more ...

Mariner Durant, Libertarian candidate for Mayor in Meridian, Mississippi, featured on ABC, Fox TV


Mariner Durant

Mariner Durant, the Libertarian candidate for Mayor in Meridian, Mississippi this November, was recently interviewed on WTOK-TV, the local ABC affiliate.

Click here to watch the interview.

He also was interview by Fox 30. Click here to watch.

Click here to view his campaign website.… Read more ...

LP.org: $101,700 raised for ballot access


Thanks to all those who donated to our Ballot Access Fund during the very special double-matching opportunity.

I’m delighted to share with you that we have now reached the full $33,900 which will now be TRIPLED to $101,700!

Our experts have recommended that we raise $130,000 in 2017 to do the work needed to ensure that Libertarian candidates are able to appear on every ballot in America in 2018.… Read more ...

LP.org: Preserving our history


Dear Libertarian,

Our party is growing and I am thrilled to help welcome so many “newborn Libertarians”.

But, as we grow and move towards our future, we MUST know our past, and we are in serious danger of losing it.

Many of the original delegates and liberty-fighters that started this party have passed away and with them go their memories and their archives.… Read more ...

Jesse Walker: Election Do-Over Poll Shows Gains for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein; No sign of third-party regrets

Jesse Walker at reason.com:


If the people who participated in last year’s election could do it all again, Donald Trump would win the popular vote this time—but he wouldn’t actually get more support than before. Instead, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, many Hillary Clinton voters would now stay home or back a third-party candidate.… Read more ...

Was America Ever Libertarian?

IPR regulars hate when I do this, but I promise this is the last one for a while. I’m writing this to see what IPR readers (especially the libertarians) think about something that’s been bothering me.

Libertarians and anarchists often get challenged with an annoying question. If libertarianism is so great, why hasn’t any country tried it?… Read more ...

Does the Establishment Plant Operatives in Third Parties?

Warren Redlich is the owner of Independent Political Report.

I’m writing this to see if we can have a conversation in the comments about something that has been bugging me. Yes I know this is not a typical post for IPR and some will be annoyed, but I don’t do this often.… Read more ...

Tom Woods: Revisiting Libertarians for Trump, as the First Hundred Days Come to a Close

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LNC 2017: Summary, first draft of meeting minutes of last weekend’s meeting in Pittsburgh

For detailed liveblogging and discussion see our prior article.

Alicia Mattson via LNC email list:

Attached are the first draft minutes from the April 15-16, 2017 LNC meeting.

Please note that comments from the LNC on the minutes are due by May 7.

I have heard no one express any issue with dubbing the newly formed
committee as the Social Media Process Review Committee, so that’s what I’ve
called it in the minutes.

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2017 LP state conventions this weekend: WA, WI, KS, UT

According to LP News, LP state conventions are taking place this weekend in WA, WI, KS, and UT. I’m putting this post up a bit late for liveblogging, although that is still welcome in the comments if any of the conventions are continuing tomorrow (Sunday). If anyone has after the fact reports, links to coverage elsewhere (including social media accounts), or links to videos or photos from any of these, please post in the comments.… Read more ...

Seth Kaper-Dale: ‘Let Earth Day be Earth Day Again’

Seth Kaper-Dale, Green Party of New Jersey candidate for Governor at gp.org:

Part of the cure to the materialism and greed that rules our country and state is nurturing the gifts of nature with which we are blessed. I don’t envy the expensive properties owned and extravagant galas held by Goldman Sachs oligarchs and corrupt political bosses.… Read more ...