Greens to speak at upcoming Peace Congress


The Peace Congress to End U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad. An Assembly to strategize for a broader, stronger movement to end the Wars.

This is the first of what will be many Peace Congresses in the coming years where we work together to end militarism and violence, create an economy for people and the planet and secure a livable and just future. … Read more ... Libertarian candidates are great in debates, so opponents collude to exclude them

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On Oct. 8, the Indiana Debate Commission staged a debate between candidates on the ballot for senator from Indiana, Republican Mike Braun, Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly, and Libertarian Lucy Brenton. Lucy arguably won the debate, and invited people to follow her with the hashtag #ILoveLucy. Even Donnelly said, “I love Lucy too.”

This particular debate followed a formal structure that allowed equal time for each candidate to answer and follow up on each question.… Read more ...

Thomas Knapp: Two Things the Kavanaugh Fiasco Did Damage to “From the Right”

Both are ongoing, but the Kavanaugh confirmation process both highlighted the damage and added to it.

Thing One: “Presumption of Innocence”

Here’s a non-Kavanaugh-related example of the problem, from a piece on civil judgments pursuant to rape allegations. I agree with the author that people acquitted of crimes shouldn’t face a lower standard of proof in subsequent civil actions based on the claim that they’re guilty, but then he goes on to write:

For us to live in an open, liberal society, the presumption of innocence has to exist as a social idea as well as a legal one.

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How can the Green Party increase it’s influence?

Rochester, NY – Our slate of candidates for the four statewide races this year is made up of four amazing people.  You probably know Howie Hawkins, but our candidate for Lt. Governor is Jia Lee, a kick-ass union activist and teacher in New York City.  Mark Dunlea is a long-time Green who is running for Comptroller, and Michael Sussmanis a new Green, but long-time civil rights attorney who is running for Attorney General. … Read more ...

Maine Green Independent Party Finds Susan Collins’ Vote Profoundly Disturbing

The Maine Green Independent Party (MGIP) is deeply disappointed in Senator Susan Collins’ choice to support Brett Kavanaugh’s election to the Supreme Court. We feel Kavanaugh’s record, temperament and bias render him unfit to serve, and the credible allegations against him of sexual assault and aggression only strengthen that assessment. Senator Collins’ willingness to disregard those allegations is profoundly distrubing.… Read more ... Ballot access and Brandon Phinney

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Dear Libertarian,

The national party works very hard throughout the election cycle to chip away at laws and other barriers that keep Libertarian candidates off ballots.

There are countless stories about why this is important but allow me to share one with you today.

Many Libertarians recognize Brandon Phinney’s name and know that he is an elected state representative in New Hampshire.Read more ...

Green Party of Washington launches news bi-monthly newsletter

Welcome to your new Green Party of Washington newsletter. I am anxiously awaiting a name of my own! Send me your ideas for my name and you can all vote on them at our Fall Gathering on November 10th using Ranked Choice Voting!

Join us in supporting Seattle Solidarity Women’s March on the Pentagon!… Read more ...

Larry Sharpe Raises $139K in 70 Days

The Larry Sharpe campaign reported raising nearly $140,000 in its 32-day pre-general campaign finance filing. The report covers a period of a little over two months. Sharpe is the Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York.

The campaign spent roughly the same amount during the period and reported $24,000 on hand for the final month of the campaign.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Alabama ‘Condemns Unethical Ethics Commission, Calls for Prosecution of Grifting Etowah Sheriff’

Sheriff Todd Entrekin, above, misappropriated $750k from inmate food fund to buy beach house

Montgomery, AL – The Libertarian Party of Alabama is outraged to learn of the misnamed Alabama Ethics Commission’s unanimous vote on October 2nd to drop an ethics violation case against Etowah County’s notoriously corrupt Sheriff Todd Entrekin.… Read more ...

NY Poll: Sharpe Likely to Win Ballot Access

Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York, did well in a late September poll conducted by Siena College Research Institute. Poll numbers showed Sharpe getting 2% of the vote from likely voters. This is better than the numbers for Howie Hawkins, who usually does well enough to maintain ballot access for the Green Party.… Read more ...

Howie Hawkins: Working Families Party caves once again

The only vote left for progressives and socialists is the Green Party ticket after the Working Families Party once again nominated Andrew Cuomo.

The WFPers who worked for Cynthia Nixon’s campaign, and the progressive Democrats who voted for her, will find that it is Green Party’s platform that calls for real solutions to the problems we face, from the climate emergency to the growing concentration of wealth in the hands of the 1% that leaves many of us in the 99% struggling for living-wage jobs, affordable housing, on-time transit, good schools, and adequate health care.… Read more ...

Libertarians Cover the Polling Spread in 4 Senate Races

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It’s five weeks before election day, and we have no idea which political party will control the U.S. Senate come January. FiveThirtyEight reckons that the two likeliest scenarios are for Republicans to maintain their razor-thin 51-49 margin, or for there to be a 50–50 split, with Vice President Mike Pence ready to break all ties.… Read more ...