Libertarian Party chairman: “How to talk with your Democratic friend”


The following was written by Libertarian Party chairman Nicholas Sarwark and posted on today (H/T IPR’s Paulie):

Dear Libertarian,

Many of us have Bernie-supporting Democratic friends who are feeling pretty jaded right now. I bet you know someone who is. Maybe a close friend, a family member, a Facebook friend…

They just worked so hard for a candidate they believed in and have come face to face with the corruption and rigging of their party process.… Read more ...

Brian W. Ryman: What it is like to run as a libertarian

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A pro-libertarian sticker

The following was posted in the Libertarian Party Radicals Facebook group on July 25th, 2016 by Brian W. Ryman, a former Libertarian Party candidate for the Ohio state legislature (H/T IPR’s Paulie):

What it is like to run as a libertarian.

There are a number of good people who actively work to bring about a libertarian society.… Read more ...

Sen. Mark Madsen (Utah) switches to Libertarian, endorses Johnson/Weld

Mark Madsen

UPDATE: Utah’s Libertarian Senator Mark Benson Madsen is scheduled to appear on  K-Talk radio at 8PM Eastern (6PM Mountain) TONIGHT (26 July) on the Standup Commentary Talk Radio show to discuss his change from the GOP to the Libertarian Party.

Listen Live HERE.  IPR readers may call into the show @ 801 254 5855 and/or ask questions online HERE.  … Read more ...

Two Montana state representatives endorse Gary Johnson for president

danielnick (1)

GOP State Representatives Nicholas Schwaderer and Daniel Zolnikov

Matt Welch at has reported today that two members of the Montana House of Representatives, Daniel Zolnikov and Nicholas Schwaderer, both Millenials and Republicans, have endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson for president. The two state representatives issued a joint statement, published on Schwaderer’s Facebook page:

Representatives Daniel Zolnikov (R-­MT) and Nick Schwaderer (R­MT) announce their support for the Libertarian Party nominees for President and Vice President

Full statement from Reps.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘Whose fault?’

 Whose fault?Published on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on July 18th, 2016 (Via Cody Quirk at ATPR yesterday)

In difficult circumstances, we admit to a fault—often we resort to Scriptures for guidance. The certification of a presidential candidate for the printed ballot of the Constitution Party of Idaho is just such a circumstance.… Read more ...

Thomas L. Knapp announces his candidacy for the Reform Party’s vice-presidential nomination

Thomas L. Knapp

IPR contributor, writer and libertarian activist Thomas L. Knapp made the following announcement today at

Attn: Delegates attending the Reform Party’s 2016 national convention, July 29-31, Bohemia, New York

I, Thomas L. Knapp, hereby declare myself a candidate for the Reform Party‘s 2016 vice-presidential nomination. My declaration to this effect is pursuant to having been named as the preferred running mate of prospective 2016 Reform Party presidential nominee Darcy Richardson.… Read more ...

Liberty for America: Johnson 2016 Campaign Spending for June


George Phillies, the chair of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts and the editor of the Liberty for America newsletter, sent out the following special report today:

Liberty For America Special Report, Late July

For July, 2016, the Johnson campaign began with $175,574 Cash on Hand . The campaign had receipts of $664,293, made disbursements during the month of $380,886, and ended July with $458,981 cash on hand at the end of the month.… Read more ...

Darcy Richardson: “The Johnson-Weld Libertarian Ticket: The Duopoly Gains an Ally”

Darcy_Richardson (1)

Darcy G. Richardson is an IPR contributor, historian, author and activist. On July 22nd, 2016, he announced that he will be seeking the Reform Party’s presidential nomination, which will be decided July 29th-31st in Bohemia, New York. The following article was published on his campaign website:

As Alice famously said, things are getting “curiouser and curiouser.”

In a year of the “outsider,” it’s rather peculiar that the Libertarian Party — the country’s only nationally-organized third party expected to be on the ballot in all fifty states this autumn — is fielding a ticket comprised of two former Republican governors, neither of whom  has had a negative word to say about presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.… Read more ...

Politico:”Third parties shake up Senate battle”

Gary Johnson could care less if his quixotic run for the presidency costs Republicans the Senate.

“I’ve always believed that Republicans are mostly about smaller government. But of late? Not at all,” the Libertarian candidate says matter-of-factly about the party he once championed as GOP governor of New Mexico. “What’s to crash?Read more ...

Sacramento Bee:”Libertarian Gary Johnson says he backs California pot legalization”

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said late Wednesday that he supports the initiative on California’s fall ballot to legalize recreational marijuana.

“Why do I support it?” Johnson, a longtime backer of decriminalizing marijuana, asked about Proposition 64 while leaving Quicken Loans Arena, site of the Republican National Convention. The initiative is supported by Lt.

Read more ...

Trump 29, Clinton 27, Johnson 26 in Utah 4th Congressional District: Internal Poll for Rep. Mia Love


Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson outside the Utah state capitol in June, after meeting with State Senators

Reported today by the Salt Lake Tribune:

CLEVELAND. On the convention floor, Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans took the microphone and proclaimed that not only would the party’s nominee, Donald Trump, win the Beehive State in November, but he would get his largest margin of victory in the nation there.

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Darcy Richardson will seek the Reform Party’s presidential nomination


Darcy Richardson

Originally published at American Third Party Report:

IPR contributor and commentator Darcy G. Richardson will be seeking the Reform Party’s presidential nomination at the party’s national convention in Bohemia, New York, which will be held  next week from July 29th-31st, this ATPR/IPR editor has learned.

In an an email sent today to this editor, Richardson said:

I’ll be seeking the Reform Party’s presidential nomination next weekend in Long Island. 

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