Nicholas Sarwark: ‘Your Tears Are Delicious and Your Parties Will Die’

Video at TV. H/T Robert Capozzi in IPR comments.

Youtube video description:

Sarwark sat down with Reason’s Matt Welch to discuss the post-election fallout and the future of the LP.

“Stop wasting your breath. Start working on your own parties. Start working on your own issues,” says Libertarian Party national chair Nicholas Sarwark, responding to criticism that Libertarians played a spoiler role and handed Donald Trump the election.… Read more ...

Outright Libertarians on US election results


Outright Libertarians via FB:

Dear Members and Allies,

Like many of you, I laid awake in shock last night and woke up despondent today. On reflection, I think apprehension is warranted but I also think hopefulness and courage as well. Sometimes a big rude orange man with bad hair is just a big rude orange man with bad hair, and we won’t know until next year what else is in the cards.… Read more ...

Libertarian and Green Parties Gain Qualified Status in Some States

reposted from Ballot Access News by permission of Richard Winger

In certain states, the Libertarian Party, or the Green Party, gained qualified status (relative to the day before the November 2016 election):

Connecticut: both parties gained qualified status for President, by polling over 1% for President. The Libertarian Party had never before done that, and the Green Party had not done it since 2000.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: A different look at the wasted vote theory

Darryl W. Perry at FPP.CC:

Every couple of years supporters of candidates who are not from the ruling duopoly are inundated with claims that their vote is “wasted.” The vast majority of people who perpetuate the so-called “wasted vote theory” believe that a vote for someone who finishes second in the race was not wasted, but a vote for any candidate outside of the top two is somehow a wasted vote.… Read more ...

Liberation News: “Bill Clinton Inc.” exposed

Joe Delaplaine at the PSL’s Liberation News:

“Hillary Clinton is a walking conflict of interest”, said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, the Executive Director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund on a recent interview on Radio Sputnik’s “Loud and Clear”. “In 2009, as the newly appointed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had to sign an oath –part of U.S.… Read more ...

William Saturn: Review of the 2016 Free & Equal Debate

William Saturn at Saturn’s Repository:

On October 25, the Free & Equal Elections Foundation held a debate on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder, moderated by actor Ed Asner and Free & Equal founder Christina Tobin. This was the organization’s third election cycle hosting a presidential debate.… Read more ...

William Saturn: ‘Backing the True Outsider’

William Saturn at Saturn’s Repository:

For the first time in my life, I am voting for a major party presidential candidate. My reasoning, however, has not changed. Tomorrow I will vote for Donald Trump for the same reasons I voted for Ralph Nader in 2004, Chuck Baldwin in 2008, and Gary Johnson in 2012.… Read more ...

New Mexico Libertarian Party Gains Enough Registration to Meet One of the Two Tests to Have its Own Primary

Ballot Access News:

The New Mexico Libertarian Party has never had a government-provided primary. The only minor party that has ever had its own primary in New Mexico is the Green Party, which had one in 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2004. The state requires a party to meet two tests to have a primary: (1) a vote of 5% for a statewide office; (2) registration of three-tenths of 1%.… Read more ...

Votecastr, Politico and other tools for keeping track of results

Ballot Access News:

Politico has its web page all positioned to include election returns for president from every state. See the link, which of course doesn’t yet show any vote totals. Every candidate who is on the ballot in any particular state is listed. Thanks to Gregory Koch for the link.

Read more ...

Peter Gemma: Election Prediction Challenge

I want to keep this prediction for 3rd party candidates simple: percentage for the Big Two (Green and Libertarian), and, for other 3rd party and independent candidates, vote totals or specific guesses on states.  Since there are so many in the later category, I thought it best to leave those entries open ended; list as many as you wish.… Read more ...