Jill Stein: Defend Democracy from corporate Democrats!

Last year a Montana Democratic Party spokesperson told the media “The Montana Democratic Party welcomes all voices to participate in the Democratic process — unlike the Montana GOP, which… has a record of trying to remove third-party candidates from the ballot.”

So when the Montana Green Party turned in enough signatures to qualify for the ballot this year, what do you think the Democrats did?… Read more ...

Latest news from the Green Party of Pennsylvania

Greetings Fellow Greens and Green Supporters! 

I am so excited to tell you that our candidates’ campaigns are off and running!  Several candidates have received endorsements from some prominent organizations such as Our Revolution and Action Together NEPA. If you want to help our candidates win, we have campaigns throughout the state, in NEPA, SEPA, and Western PA, as well as our three state-wide candidates.

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Why Laura Wells is running for Congress in California

I am running for office because another world is possible!

I live in a district and a nation facing huge problems like poor access to the basics like healthcare, housing, education, and justice. WE MUST ACT NOW and demand more from our government.

Despite the Top Two primary that usually knocks off Greens and other independent candidates who dare to challenge the establishment parties in California, we had a chance this year to be on the November ballot, because our 20-year Congressional representative, Barbara Lee, was running unopposed on the June ballot.

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Dr. Margaret Flowers endorses Andy Ellis & Glenn Ross

We currently have an opportunity for the Green Party to make a leap of progress by showing it is a viable party that can win elections and defeat the leadership of the Democratic Party in Maryland.

Andy Ellis and Glenn Ross are taking on one of the most entrenched delegations in the state, including the Corrupt Democratic Whip and a Democratic Machine Boss who are angling to become the leaders of the Democrats in Annapolis in a race that will have three winners.… Read more ...

Dunlea Joins Rise for Climate Rally in NYC

Calls for 100% Clean Energy by 2030, A Halt to Fossil Fuels, State Carbon Tax, Divestment

(NYC) Mark Dunlea, the Green Party candidate for State Comptroller, joined today in the Rise for Climate rally in NYC as part of the worldwide climate actions on September 8. Dunlea will speak about divestment at the September 8th event at the Governor’s mansion in Albany.… Read more ...

Paul Glover responds to Cumberland Valley Rising

Paul Glover is the Green Party candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania. There will be a Welcome Party for Paul Glover at 2:00 pm on Saturday, September 15, at the William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street in Washington Square West, Philadelphia. Glover will answer your questions and organize support for his candidacy.… Read more ...

Missouri Green Party candidate issues call to audit Roundup purchases

Audit purchases of poisonous Roundup by the State of Missouri

St Louis, MO – In July 2018, a San Francisco jury awarded $289 million to black groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson due to cancer resulting from his exposure to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup.

As Missouri Green Party candidate for State Auditor, I am calling for a full audit of purchases of Roundup for use on roadways, state parks, schools and government buildings.

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Larry Sharpe: New York is no longer great thanks to Cuomo

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Jibral Khan on “Third Parties and the Senate”

Jibral Khan writes @ National Review blog The Corner :

Gary Johnson’s run this year for the Senate seat in New Mexico could signal a productive direction for America’s third parties. Johnson was the state’s Republican governor from 1998-2003, and remains popular in the state. The first three-way poll for the Senate race shows the incumbent Democrat, Martin Heinrich, in the lead at 39 percent, followed by Gary Johnson at 21 percent, and the Republican candidate Mick Rich coming in last with 11 percent.… Read more ...

Colorado’s Redistricting Reforms Exclude Third Parties

Originally published at

By Eric Boehm
August 30, 2018

Voters in Colorado will have an opportunity in November to give themselves a greater say in the state’s redistricting process. But two ballot initiatives that would create “independent commissions” to redraw legislative districts seem deliberately crafted to exclude Coloradans who are members of third parties.… Read more ...

28th Annual Great Green Pesto Feast

Join us for the 28th Annual Great Green Pesto Feast. It promises to be the best vegan dinner of the year in St. Louis. Enjoy an unmatched assortment of 100% plant-based gourmet pesto, entrees, side dishes and desserts!

This year, Missouri State NAACP Environmental Justice Chair and Attorney with the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center Bruce Morrisonwill speak on “Are We Doing Justice to Environmental Justice?”.… Read more ...

Greenfield says “you’re welcome” to Delgado for appropriating Green New Deal

New Paltz, NY – On Wednesday night, August 29th, at the New York League Of Conservation Voters 19th District Congressional candidate forum in Callicoon, to which Green Party candidate Steve Greenfield, the only candidate with an extensive, specific, and fundable environmental platform, was not invited, Democrat Antonio Delgado’s opening statement was nearly word for word what Greenfield had been handing out on a leaflet on the sidewalk just before the event, that described a sweeping renewable energy infrastructure development plan, right down to the title “Green New Deal.”

Delgado had never mentioned it before, in over a year of campaigning, and despite the sudden change of rhetoric, remains opposed to The Off Fossil Fuels For A Better Future Act, HR-3671, the only pending legislation approximating the initiation of the idea, and specifying a project timetable.… Read more ...