Johnson Campaign Video: Where Bernie Sanders And Gary Johnson Agree

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Oct. 14, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — In a video released today, Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian nominee for President, appeals directly to young voters and independents who supported Sen.… Read more ...

John McAfee/Judd Weiss’s Vote Different Initiative: James Weeks II Endorsement


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About the Vote Different initiative from their website:

#VoteDifferent is a McAfee/Weiss initiative designed and evolving with one purpose in mind: to empower and promote Liberty and Libertarian candidates. During the 2016 campaign to be the Libertarian Party nominee, John McAfee, became increasingly alarmed as he met and spoke with more and more Libertarians.

Read more ... How Evan McMullin Could Win Utah And The Presidency

Benjamin Morris at

With the election only weeks away, Hillary Clinton appears to have the lead and the momentum. As of this writing, the FiveThirtyEight polls-only forecast gives her around an 87 percent chance of winning — up from around 55 percent in late September – and that may not have fully absorbed the fallout of Trump’s lewd video, debatable debate performance or the daily deluge of fresh scandal jeopardizing his candidacy.… Read more ... blog: Libertarian for WA state rep Michelle Darnell dominates opponent in two candidate forums blog:

Last week, Michelle Darnell, Libertarian for state representative in the 48th district position 1 in Washington and her only opponent, Patty Kuderer, faced off twice at candidate forums, first the PTSA education forum followed by the Bellevue College forum.

Darnell drew cheers from the audience as she proclaimed “vouchers and school choice”.… Read more ...

The Other Way an Alternative Candidate Could Pick Up an Electoral Vote: When electors defect


Jesse Walker at Reason:

Hillary Clinton is almost certain to carry Washington state next month. But she won’t necessarily collect all of its electoral votes. Robert Satiacum Jr., one of the Democratic Party’s slate of 12 electors in Washington, has been mulling in public about whether he can bring himself to vote for his party’s nominee.… Read more ...

Interest in, number of write-in options grows this year

Google Searches Involving “Write-In” Vastly Increase

According to this story, google searches involving “write-in” have been very high recently. The story says a large share of them involve “write-in Bernie Sanders.”

South Dakota Secretary of State Reminds Voters that Write-ins in South Dakota are Not Allowed (excerpt):

South Dakota is one of four states that has never permitted write-in voting.

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Liberty University announces Gary Johnson to speak at Convocation

Gary Johnson

by Ashley Lynn, ABC 13 via Cody Quirk at ATPR

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — Liberty University’s Office of Spiritual Development announced Tuesday evening that Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson will be speaking at an upcoming convocation.

As his first appearances at the conservative university, the Libertarian candidate is expected to make his appeal to the student body.… Read more ...

Clayton Hunt: Gary Johnson Supporters – The Pragmatists That Weren’t

johnsonsupportersFrom Clayton Hunt at Liberty Hangout:

The main thrust of the moderate wing of the Libertarian Party is to claim that they are the pragmatic and realistic purveyors of realpolitik clear headedness. This group is primarily all out for the Johnson/Weld campaign, and highly hostile to anyone that raises criticism, even if it is warranted.… Read more ...

Libertarian National Committee Passes Resolution on the Late Montana LP Chair Mike Fellows

b9323904178z-1_20160920134320_001_gcdfpjauq-1-0Co-Sponsors: Lark, Goldstein, Harlos, Hagan, Hayes, Starchild


Whereas Mike Fellows was a dedicated and accomplished activist for the cause of liberty who gave generously of his time and financial resources, and

Whereas Mr. Fellows represented the Montana Libertarian Party with distinction by virtue of his many campaigns for public office, including campaigns for the Montana state legislature, Montana Secretary of State, Montana Supreme Court Clerk, and the U.S.… Read more ...

Teresa Gutierrez at Workers World: ‘Sexist predator or drone predator? Vote with your feet’

Teresa Gutierrez at Workers World:

Oct. 10 — This debacle of an election process is ­unprecedented, bizarre and absurd. And it is also ­dangerous.

Analysis of the latest election scandals and the latest debate uproar can tell us more about how to go forward when one of these two “predator” capitalist candidates is elected.… Read more ...