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Jed Ziggler: Steve Peace Misleads Voters on Top Two and Alternative Parties


Jed Ziggler, who is one of our top writers and commenters here on IPR, has written this rebuttal to an article which appeared August 7, 2014 in IVN , which makes the assertion that the states of Washington and California have third parties which are “thriving” due to the Top-Two laws which have been passsed in those states.Read more ...

IPR Writer Jill Pyeatt Hits a Million-Dollar Jackpot!

Lottery winnings

You’ll be seeing a lot less of me here on IPR, now that I have money to spend and shopping to do! I’ll try to pop in from time-to-time with news of the third-parties and independents in this country!… Read more ...

Chris Rufer: A Libertarian Argument Against the City’s Subsidy for a Downtown Sacramento Arena

proposed sports arena

Here’s an op-ed from today’s The Sacramento Bee

I want to express my appreciation for the article about the proposed construction of the downtown arena and my role in opposing the city subsidy (“Tomato-paste mogul helps bankroll arena subsidy fight,” Page A1, Feb. 9). I also want to make clear that my political donations primarily support Libertarian organizations and candidates, not conservative ones.… Read more ...

Ayn R. Key: Sorry, Republicans, the Illusion is Gone

LP A Better Choice

This originally appeared on Ayn R. Key’s blog

Usually the accusation comes from liberals or progressives, that somehow in some undefinable way libertarians are at least allied to conservatives, and at worst are merely a minor variant of the same basic ideology. Even then, it is only the less experienced and less informed liberals and progressives who make that accusation, the rest having found out otherwise and relying on the very lame joke that a libertarian is a conservative that wants to smoke pot.… Read more ...

Laura Brown: Alive, Free, and Happy to Be At the 5th Annual So CA Libertarian Conference

Originally posted to California Libertarian Women’s Caucus

Written by Laura Brown
January 21, 2013

For freedom-loving women, the place to be Saturday, January 18 was Ontario, California for the 5th annual Southern California Libertarian party conference. An inspiring group of speakers, singer/performer Jordan Page, and an after party with bands and dancing…Libertarian women were well represented, including speaker Stephanie Butts, organizer of California College Libertarians, and Susan Marie Weber, recently elected city council member in Palm Desert.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of California Welcomes a New Elected Official


Jeff Hewitt

Posted to the CA LP website

December 19, 2013 – The Libertarian Party of California welcomes the Hon. Jeff Hewitt, Mayor Pro-Tem of the City of Calimesa in Riverside County, to its ranks of elected officials.
Born and raised in California, Hewitt has served on the city council of Calimesa since 2011, spending several years on the planning commission, and rising to become Chairman before his election to the council.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: I Am Thankful for You

jamesGray (1)

This note accompanied Judge Gray’s column:

Hi Team,

Enclosed is the last of my “The Functional Libertarian” columns for a while. I have decided to take a hiatus and devote that time to researching and writing another musical that I have in my mind.

But thank you for distributing my columns and other thoughts for the past year, and I will send you some more in the coming year, but more sporadically.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: Theodore Roosevelt-The Great Patriot

Theodore Roosevelt
The Functional Libertarian Series
November 21, 2013

Today we conclude our short series about classic American patriots with a discussion about Theodore Roosevelt, who was known for his exuberant personality and large range of interests and achievements. For example, he was awarded both the Nobel Peace Prize for having negotiated an end to the Russo-Japanese War, and, posthumously, the Congressional Medal of Honor for his fighting during the Spanish –American War.… Read more ...

Rick Bronstein: The (Un)affordable Care Act

Picasso doctor

The (Un)Affordable Care Act
By Rick Bronstein
November 18, 2013

As more people are learning every day, Obamacare is not the solution to our health insurance needs. As of mid-November over 5 million people have had their insurance cancelled because it does not comply with some of the provisions of the ACA.… Read more ...

Judge Gray Responds to IPR’s Opposing Viewpoints on Policemen As Noble Servants

Cartoon policeman

Judge Jim Gray writes a weekly column called The Functional Libertarian, which we publish here. One of those articles, The Police as Noble Servants , had quite a reaction from many IPR and Facebook readers, so I invited readers to write opposing viewpoints. Three people did, which we published here , and sent along to Judge Gray.Read more ...

Judge Gray: John Adams-Defender of Freedom

John Adams

The Functional Libertarian
November 14, 2013

Our short series on some classic American patriots continues with a focus on John Adams. Fortunately, with the fairly recent publication of David McCullough’s book entitled “John Adams” (Touchstone, 2001), this somewhat crusty but likeable American is finally beginning to be recognized as the hero that he is.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: The Police As Noble Public Servants

Judge Gray

The Functional Libertarian
October 31, 2013

One of the most noble public servant positions in our society is a police officer. These men and women often have difficult jobs, and frequently do not get the credit and appreciation they deserve. When I was a child my parents drummed into me that “if I was lost I should find a policeman, because they are my friends.” I still believe that, but, unfortunately, we don’t hear those sentiments too often these days.… Read more ...