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NASA compromises with Colbert in naming contest

(excerpt from) Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Colbert’s NASA Dreams Are Crushed… Hilariously
By Mickey O’Connor / Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Democracy is dead: NASA has opted not to name a room in the international space station after Stephen Colbert.

Even though Colbert won an online poll by a landslide, NASA instead chose “Tranquility,” which came in eighth place in the poll, as the room’s new moniker…

But it’s not all bad news: On Tuesday’s The Colbert Report, NASA astronaut Sunita Williams announced that Colbert will get his small piece of immortality after all, as the organization voted to name a treadmill on board the space station after him.

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Could comedian Colbert win for President?

In 2007, Stephen Colbert, a political comedian who addresses his audience as “Nation”, made a brief run for President. He was considering running on both the Democratic and Republican Party lines.

While Colbert’s run was somewhat short-lived, it appears that Colbert does have the potential to win a nationwide vote.… Read more ...