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D. Frank Robinson: LINC 2020

In an interview with Ari Armstrong in 2001, LP principal founder David F Nolan expressed his view that the LP ought to put more emphasis on Congressional elections.

I have shared that view since my proposal I called LINC 80 (Libertarians IN Congress ’80) was met with a shrug by the LP administrative leaders at that time.… Read more ...

Distributed Voting for Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

By D. Frank Robinson, co-founder of the LP and founding chair of its Bylaws Committee

Historically, an American political party has not been a consistent entity; rather, it has been an ever-changing mix or coalition of individuals and groups who use the institution of a party to advance their own particular economic and social goals through a charismatic figure for President – when available.… Read more ...