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Businessman and former ‘Apprentice’ contestant running for Congress as independent

Surya Yalamanchili, who is only 28 years old, has officially announced an independent bid for Congress in Ohio’s second district, currently held by Republican Jean Schmidt.  He has previously been a contestant on Donald Trump’s show ‘The Apprentice,’ the director of marketing for the website LinkedIn, and a brand manager at Procter & Gamble, among other things. … Read more ...

Krikorian thanks supporters, announces 2010 run

A final press release from the David Krikorian for Congress (in 2008) campaign:

David Krikorian would like to thank you for your support!

He would also like to congratulate all his fellow candidates in the November 4th election in all races. Win or lose, you chose to run and gave it your best.… Read more ...

The News Democrat endorses independent Krikorian

The News Democrat, an Ohio newspaper with a circulation of 23,400 in Ohio’s second district, has endorsed independent David Krikorian to represent that district in Congress. The newspaper said:

“We think Krikorian would be a good choice to watch the company store. It seems right now, the shelves are bare and we have been sold out to greed on Wall Street and governmental overspending.

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Independent Krikorian defends his Armenian roots, issues harsh criticism of opponent

Independent candidate for Congress David Krikorian, in Ohio’s second district, today called for the withdrawal of his Republican opponent from the race. He did it because of her “denial of the Armenian Genocide.”

The Krikorian campaign is currently circulating this flier:

The press release is posted below:

David Krikorian’s Letter Regarding the Armenian Genocide

Letter – November 2, 2008.

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Prominent Republicans and Democrats support David Krikorian, Independent Congression candidate (OH-2)

From the campaign’s press release sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com

The following Republican and Democratic former congressional candidates and current Republican candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner have crossed the aisle to support current Independent candidate David Krikorian.

* Nathan Bailey (R), 2008 Republican Primary
* Tom Brinkman (R), State Representative and 2008 Republican Primary
* Peter Fosset (R), 2005 Special Election Republican Candidate
* Thor Jacobs (D), 2006 Democratic Primary
* Nathan Noy (R), 2005 Special Election Republican Candidate
* Jim Parker (D), 2006 Democratic Primary
* Ed Rothenberg (R), Currently running for Hamilton County Commissioner

The campaign’s email goes on to say that

Republicans and Democrats throughout OH2 are supporting David Krikorian because he is the candidate most qualified to lead the district through our current economic crisis.

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Krikorian launches TV ads, and other news

Independent congressional candidate David Krikorian, running in Ohio’s second district, has released a new ad for television and Youtube. It portrays Krikorian as the “most qualified” candidate and is comprised of him talking to the camera. You can watch it below.

In other Krikorian-related news, his district’s congressional race was covered in the Weekly Standard’s most recent issue.… Read more ...

High-polling independent debates opponents

In a press release, independent David Krikorian’s congressional campaign touted the fact that part of his plan for the economy was adopted by the Fed, and lambasted his opponents’ debate performances. A video of the debate is posted below.

Concerning the Fed’s plan, Krikorian said,

Krikorian for Congress issued the The Krikorian Plan, currently a 19-point plan to restore our nation’s economic security.

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Politico.com covers Krikorian, other potential ‘spoilers’

In an article entitled “Spoiler Alert: Independents may Rock the Races,” Politico.com‘s Josh Kraushaar wrote about a range of relatively popular independent or third party candidates and their potential impact on the upcoming election. David Krikorian, an independent running for Congress in Ohio’s 2nd district, was the focus of the article. It said that “of all the candidates, Krikorian can make the most credible argument for how he could actually win.”

Other candidates mentioned in the article include Dean Barkley, Chris Cole, Don Eckhart, and Michael Jackson:

In an August poll conducted by SurveyUSA, Eckhart received 7 percent of the vote — a share that would likely dwarf the winning candidate’s margin of victory.

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David Krikorian to debate opponents for Ohio 2nd Congressional district seat

In Ohio’s 2nd Congressional district, the local ABC station will host a congressional debate, and air it on the internet, on Monday, October 6th. The Democratic candidate, the Republican candidate, and independent David Krikorian will be participating. Krikorian has the potential to become of the highest-elected independents in the nation – he has polled at 13.4% overall, and as high as almost 27% in one of the counties in his district.… Read more ...

Independent Congressional Candidate David Krikorian (OH) issues statement on financial crisis and challenges opponents to do the same

Statement on Financial Crisis
by David Krikorian

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 26, 2008.
As a candidate for Congress, I have tried repeatedly to focus the debate on domestic and international economic security as it is by far the most pressing challenge facing us today. So far, I have heard virtually nothing on these subjects from my two opponents in this race.… Read more ...

David Krikorian, independent for Congress, receives ‘surprise endorsement’ from Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police

David Krikorian, a promising independent running to represent Ohio’s 2nd district in Congress, won the endorsement of his local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police. A spokesperson for the group said, “[Krikorian] impressed the committee members in his interview.”

The district’s Republican incumbent won the union’s endorsement in 2006, but controversy and ambiguity over the death penalty kept her from receiving it this year. Apparently, Republican Schmidt was for the death penalty before she was against it.… Read more ...

David Krikorian gets major endorsement

David Krikorian is running as an Independent in Ohio’s 2nd congressional district. Krikorian had previously been identified by IPR as one of the top 10 third-party candidates in the nation. Yesterday, the Armenian National Committee PAC endorsed David Krikorian’s campaign. The Armenian National Committee PAC (or ANC-PAC) is the largest and most influential Armenian-American advocacy organization in the United States.… Read more ...