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Transcript of the October 17 Libertarian Party Presidential Debate

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts held the first Libertarian Party presidential debate on October 17.  Chairman George Phillies moderated the debate.  Candidates Steve Kerbel, Darryl Perry, Marc Allan Feldman, and Derrick Michael Reid participated.  Below is the video and full transcript of the debate:

Phillies: Now live from Worcester, Massachusetts, the first live Libertarian Presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle. … Read more ...

Rand Paul campaign seeking LP donors, claiming to be endorsed by Libertarian Party

rand paul

The Rand Paul campaign is making a concerted effort to recruit state Libertarian Party officers and members to their campaign, and in some cases to share their mailing list or voter contacts with the Republican Senator’s campaign for President.

George Phillies, Chair of LP-Massachusetts, reports that “Several state chairs have been contacted by Senator Paul supporters asking for the use of our mailing lists.… Read more ...

George Phillies Retires, Issues May 2015 Edition of Liberty for America

Phillies casual


George Phillies began the May 2015 Issue of Liberty for America with some personal news:

Change in Life Style

Your editor has indicated to his university that he prefers to retire at the end of the current
academic year, which happened last week. The sign on his office door, the office being
completely cleaned out, reads


and notes in closing that almost 40 years ago I had been living in Santa Monica CA and
working at UCLA.

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George Phillies: Eminent Domain for Private Gain is Public Pain

George phillies

By George Phillies
February 7, 2015

Advancing Liberty by taking stands on real issues. As some of you may have heard there is a Boston bid for a future Olympics. We’re starting with Keystone, which is almost as bad for similar reasons:

Vote Nolympics!
Vote Libertarian!

Eminent domain for private gain is public pain

Libertarians across America should condemn the Keystone pipeline bill as a scheme to use eminent domain to seize massive amounts of private property for the private gain of a select few oil interests.… Read more ...

Liberty for America Posts Recap of Election in November Edition

George Phillies has compiled an excellent recap of Libertarian candidates’ results from the recent mid-term elections. It can be found in November’s issue of Liberty for America . With his permission, I’m posting that article in full now.

The entire issue can be read here. 201411

Libertarians on the March!

For our Libertarian Party, Election Day 2014 brought a great deal of news, much of it good.… Read more ...

Liberty for America June 2014 issue released

Liberty for America is a monthly newsletter published by longtime Libertarian Party activist George Phillies. It covers news and views concerning the LP.

The full newsletter is available below:

http://libertyforamerica.com/201406.pdfRead more ...

Liberty for America May 2014 issue released

Liberty for America is a monthly newsletter concerning the Libertarian Party that is published by longtime Libertarian activist George Phillies. It is available below:



Help Alabama Ballot Access!
Wonderful libertarian News
Fund IPR Reporters!
Packing the Convention
An Amusing Coincidence
The LNC Talks…We Summarize

Electronic Supplement
More LNC Discussion
The Amusing Coincidence…The Loan that Comes and Goes

Read more ...

Liberty for America April 2014 edition released

George Phillies, a Massachusetts Libertarian Party activist and former candidate for the party’s presidential nomination, released the April edition of his Liberty for America newsletter earlier this month. The newsletter covers news and views pertaining to the Libertarian Party.


Tonie Nathan—RIP

Wonderful Libertarian News
National Organization of Libertarian Women
California State Convention
Oregon Record Candidate Count
Libertarian Voter Registration Up
Colorado advances
Oregon Litigation

De-Elect the LNC

Stand Up for Liberty!… Read more ...

Liberty for America March 2014 edition released

George Phillies

Liberty for America is a monthly newsletter published by Massachusetts Libertarian Party activist George Phillies. It deals with news and views pertaining to the LP. It is now online at:


Some stories include:

* Coverage of recent Libertarian National Committee (LNC) meeting

* Editorials by Rodger Paxton, R.Read more ...

George Phillies: Liberty for America To Launch National Media Campaign Calling for Impeachment of James Clapper and Keith Alexander


George Phillies, Principal Officer of the Liberty for America Political
Action Committee, announced that Liberty for America is about to launch
a national media campaign calling for the impeachment of Director of
National Intelligence James Clapper and NSA Director Keith Alexander.

We are in the stage of developing the final media content from media
outlets, Phillies said.

Read more ...

George Phillies: Questions for the Libertarian Party National Party Members to Consider


There has been quite a bit of discussion here on IPR of the Libertarian Party’s Audit Committee Report from 2012. Resolution appears to have occurred last weekend at the quarterly meeting of the Libertarian National Committee . There were several issues, two of them involving then Executive Director Carla Howell. Discussions will continue, however, at least here on this forum.Read more ...

Liberty for America: Arkansas Libertarian Party is On the Ballot


Found in George Phillies’ Liberty for America Nov 13
Arkansas Libertarian Party is on the Ballot

(Little Rock, AR) The Libertarian Party of Arkansas (LPAR) is officially a recognized political party for the second time in history and will now be able to run candidates for office in 2014.

Last month the party submitted signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in order to fulfill the requirement of collecting at least 10,000 valid signatures from registered voters in the state.… Read more ...