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Supreme Court declines to hear “Top Two” appeal from California minor parties

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is turning away a challenge from minor political parties in California that claim they are essentially excluded from general election ballots because of the state’s top-two primary system.

The justices on Tuesday rejected an appeal from the Green and Libertarian parties, among others.

h/t Ballot Access News. Read more ...

Arthur Ringwalt: Notes from Libertarian Political Expo



Libertarian Political Expo

Arthur Ringwalt, California Convention Delegate

These notes were submitted by Arthur Ringwalt, a delegate from Sacramento. (916) 925-5988, Arthur.Ringwalt@att.net, Arthur Ringwalt

Libertarian Political Expo

Arthur Ringwalt, California Convention Delegate

Here are notes on the programs for Friday, May 29, and Saturday, May 30. As far as I know, no-one recorded the sessions, so this document is here to fill the void.… Read more ...

Open Thread for Libertarian Party of California Convention

CA LP logo

We’re here at the Tropicana in Las Vegas Nevada, waiting to start. I don’t know how much live-blogging I can do because there is so much ground to cover in a short time. Hopefully, other people can weigh in and report what’s going on.… Read more ...

Jose Castaneda: I Am Running for Secretary of the Libertarian Party of California

Jose and Ted


Photo by Harald Zechner

Jose Castaneda is on the left.  Ted Brown is on the right, and is running for Chairman of the CA LP.

Sent to me by Mr. Castaneda for publication here on IPR

I am running for state Party Secretary. Sadly the Libertarian Party of California (LPC) has been going in reverse and the Party leadership seems to have no clue as to the way to reverse the decline and as the way forward to success.… Read more ...

Janine Kloss: When in Doubt, Cheat

Janine Kloss
Photo by Judd Weiss

Posted to Libertarian Party of Sacramento website

May 16, 2015
By Janine Kloss

When in Doubt, Cheat

That is the motto being used by some State Senators in California regarding a controversial bill that would mandate vaccinations for all (SB277). Under this bill, all people, regardless of religion, personal belief, (previously) homeschool status, private school status, most medical exemptions, etc., are required to vaccinate their children based on the current CDC Immunization Schedule in order to receive the mandated education.… Read more ...

Libertarian Mike Seebeck: I’m sick of the pro-vaccine BS!

Mike Seebeck

Mike Seebeck is a longtime libertarian activist and LP member for 15 years. He has served in several offices in the LP, including Southern Vice-Chair of LP-California, Media Director of LP-Colorado, Outreach and Media Director of LP-El Paso County (Colorado), and Treasurer of LP-Riverside County (California). In 2001 he was a local school board candidate and led the defeat of a $47M bond issue.Read more ...

California LP Makes Announcement Regarding Upcoming Convention

Tropicana LV

Libertarian Parties Announce Joint Convention

6 Fed 2015
By Jonathan Jaech

Earlier this week, the California and Nevada Libertarian parties announced the finalization of plans for holding their 2015 annual conventions jointly. The announced venue for the joint conventions is the Tropicana Las Vegas. The convention of delegates for each party will be on Sunday May 31st, with the preceding days beginning on May 28th set aside for LPEX, billed as the “first Libertarian Political Expo” and meetings of LSLA, the Libertarian State Leaders Alliance.… Read more ...

What’s Going On With the Libertarian Party of California?

I received this letter from Dana McLorn, a member since 2009 CA LP logoof the Libertarian Party of California’s Executive Committee. During some of that time, he was on the Operations Committee, and was Chairman of the Convention Committee in 2012. In addition, he is the immediate past chairman of Ventura County. He has asked that I post this here.Read more ...

Jordan Page Performs at Private Home in Los Angeles, Performs Set with Host

Jordan Page is a musician who many of you in the Liberty community may know about. He’s a young man who has taken a lot of what we say in our movement and puts it into music. This is how he makes his living. He came out to California the 24th of January and performed at Judd Weiss’s house in Bel-Air.… Read more ...

The Daily Bell: Judge Jim Gray on Drug Prohibition, Marijuana Legalization and LEAP


Anthony Wile sat down with the Libertarian Party’s Vice-Presidential Candidate of 2012, retired Judge Jim Gray, and has provided this interview. It begins with a fairly thorough biographical piece, which the reader can find here .

They begin by talking about the War on Drugs:

Daily Bell: Thanks for taking time to talk with us today.Read more ...

LP National Urges CA Libertarians to Run Write-In Campaigns

low hanging fruit

Low-Hanging-Fruit Opportunity for California Libertarians

May 6

Dear California Libertarian,

As you know, the June 3, 2014, primary will be coming up shortly.

Because of the passage of Proposition 14 (“Top Two”) in 2010, we only have six partisan California candidates running for office as Libertarians this year.

They are:

• Attorney General — Jonathan Jaech
• CD 7 — Art Tuma
• CD 25 — David Koster Bruce
• CD 33 — Mark Matthew Herd
• CD 51 — Michael Benoit
• AD 8 — Janice Bonser

And because Top Two only allows the candidates with the two highest vote totals to go onto the November primary, it is unlikely that any of these candidates will make it onto the November ballot — unless voters show an almost unprecedented degree of Libertarian support.… Read more ...

CA SOS Releases Certified List of Candidates; CA LP Sees Opportunity for Write-ins


The Secretary of State of California has released the Certified List of Candidates for the June 3 2014 primary election. There are only six Libertarians listed:

Attorney General – Jonathan Jaech
CD 7 – Art Tuma
CD 25 – David Koster Bruce
CD 33 – Mark Matthew Herd
CD 51 – Michael Benoit
AD 8 – Janice Bonser

Here is the document:

Certified List of Candidates for June 3, 2014 Statewide Primary Election

Ted Brown, a long-time activist and former state chairman for the CA LP, has noticed that there are 21 spots in the state with only one person running.… Read more ...