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Netanyahu Speech, From Three Perspectives

Netanyahu Speech, from Three Perspectives

Published on March 4th, 2015 | by David Housholder

Benjamin Netanyahu carved a tattoo on the minds of every member of congress yesterday. A flourish of oratory rare in contemporary America. See the full speech in the video above.

But how you react to it depends on which of three tribes hold your membership card.

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Paul Frankel: My path from Democrat to Libertarian….. and: what was your path from D or R to Other?

The following is a biographical summary of IPR Contributing Editor Paulie Frankel’s path from major party supporter (in this case Democratic)  to 3rd party advocate (in this case Libertarian).

It is posted here with an invitation to each IPR reader who chooses to do so to provide a similar biographical summary, in the comments below, of their journeys from major parties into the realm of Independent/Third Party Political interest and activism with the intention that this sharing of our experiences might prove of interest or useful to IPR readers generally.
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Libertarian Senate Candidate Plans Walk Across Tennessee

Joshua James
Found in The Tennessean
August 15, 2014

You might have heard of this idea before: A candidate for statewide office in Tennessee plans to walk across the state.

Joshua James, a Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate, says he will trek from Memphis to Laurel Bloomery in northeastern Tennessee over the course of 15 days, starting Saturday.… Read more ...

NC Libertarians conduct first ever US Senate candidate forum

From LPNC.org

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina held its first ever U.S. Senate candidate forum April 5 during the annual state convention in Durham. Candidates Tim D’Annunzio of Raeford and Sean Haugh of Durham answered questions submitted by Libertarians from across the state. The forum was streamed live and moderated by Barry Smith, Carolina Journal associate editor.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: I Am Thankful for You

jamesGray (1)

This note accompanied Judge Gray’s column:

Hi Team,

Enclosed is the last of my “The Functional Libertarian” columns for a while. I have decided to take a hiatus and devote that time to researching and writing another musical that I have in my mind.

But thank you for distributing my columns and other thoughts for the past year, and I will send you some more in the coming year, but more sporadically.… Read more ...

Polls Continue to Exclude Mention of Florida Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate

The Libertarian candidate says his exclusion from presidential debates violates the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

From The Examiner:

By Karl Dickey

Yesterday, a Quinnipiac University poll was released on the 2014 Florida Governor’s race, ignoring Libertarian Party of Florida candidate Adrian Wyllie as well as other candidates expected to be on the ballot in November, 2014. Besides two Republican and Democratic candidates, the poll asks respondents if they support “someone else” or “wouldn’t vote”.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of North Carolina Seeking Executive Director


The Libertarian Party of North Carolina is seeking a hard-working, dedicated and ambitious Libertarian for the position of Executive Director. With dramatic growth in the LPNC, we need an enthusiastic individual to help the Party take advantage of current political opportunities

The Executive Director will be the principal administrative assistant to the Chair of the LPNC.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Rallies Massive Fundraising to Get Lucas Overby on Ballot

Libertarian Party

From The Global Dispatch:

A weekend campaign money bomb, coupled with a generous donation from the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) worked together Monday evening (Nov. 18) to secure Overby’s slot on the ballot for the March 11, 2014 Congressional District (CD) 13 Special Election. This contest will decide who fills the congressional seat left vacant since October’s death of long-time Florida Republican Congressman Bill Young.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: John Adams-Defender of Freedom

John Adams

The Functional Libertarian
November 14, 2013

Our short series on some classic American patriots continues with a focus on John Adams. Fortunately, with the fairly recent publication of David McCullough’s book entitled “John Adams” (Touchstone, 2001), this somewhat crusty but likeable American is finally beginning to be recognized as the hero that he is.… Read more ...

Libertarian James Babb Makes News for Jury Nullification Billboard

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Thomas L. Knapp: Justice? Just Kidding!


Posted to Center for a Stateless Society
October 25, 2013

By Thomas L. Knapp

It happens so often these days that it almost passes without notice: A young defendant, accused of some awful crime, is “charged as an adult.” Such is the case of 14-year-old Philip Chism of Andover, Massachusetts.… Read more ...

Judge Gray: To Act, or Not to Act?

Judge Gray

The Functional Libertarian Series
October 10, 2013

Have you ever felt inspired, hopeful, able and optimistic about your ability to right a wrong?

Have you ever felt frustrated, small, ineffective and helpless about your ability to do anything about a problem?

I have, both ways.

Recently my wife and I saw the movie “The Butler,” starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, and, in what is probably the most intentionally ironic casting in the history of moviemaking, Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan.… Read more ...