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July 2016 edition of Liberty for America released


American Third Party Report:

Longtime Massachusetts Libertarian Party activist George Phillies has today released the July 2016 edition of his newsletter, Liberty for America. The newsletter provides information about current developments within the Libertarian Party and the Gary Johnson presidential campaign.

The table of contents:

Charles V Wilhoit 1923-2016
National Convention Meets in Orlando
LP Adopts Platform Plank Opposing the Death Penalty
Libertarian State Leadership Alliance Adopts New Bylaws, Elects New Officers
Where Your Money Went—Johnson 2016
Gary Johnson 2012;
LNC ExComm Secret Meeting Closed to Other LNC Members

The entire newsletter can be read here (pdf version).Read more ...

George Phillies Retires, Issues May 2015 Edition of Liberty for America

Phillies casual


George Phillies began the May 2015 Issue of Liberty for America with some personal news:

Change in Life Style

Your editor has indicated to his university that he prefers to retire at the end of the current
academic year, which happened last week. The sign on his office door, the office being
completely cleaned out, reads


and notes in closing that almost 40 years ago I had been living in Santa Monica CA and
working at UCLA.

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