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The Militant: Capitalists Use Elections to Mask Exploitation and their Class Rule

By John Studer

The Socialist Workers Party ran candidates for public office around the country in the 2013 elections and used them to put forward an independent working-class voice, said Steve Clark, a member of the party’s National Committee, at a Militant Labor Forum here Nov. 8.

“But for class-conscious workers, these election campaigns are political detours on the road to independent working-class political action.… Read more ...

Ursula Rozum: From a Green Perspective, Another Disappointing Election

Ursula Rozum

Originally posted to syracuse.com.

Another election has gone by and little has changed. The local power structure kept its people in office. The Democrats still hold every elected office in the city and the problems that have grown worse under their one-party rule remain the same – high poverty, high unemployment, low wages, high crime, abysmal graduation rates, municipal bankruptcy pending.… Read more ...

Alex Merced Of LPNY Makes Video About Ballot Access

This video was sent to IPR by Mark Axinn, State Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York.  The video was made by Alex Merced.

The New York Libertarian Party must get 50,000 votes or more for Gubernatorial candidate in 2014, if it does it will have statewide ballot access. This will allow the Libertarian Party to hold Democrats and Republicans allowable in every race around the state while providing New Yorkers an alternative.

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G. Edward Griffin Added As Speaker to First Annual Save Long Island Forum

Theater Save Long Island

Found on Facebook .

This January, be a part of one of the most UNIQUE and EXCITING events Long Island and NY has ever seen— SAVE: LONG ISLAND!!!

… With so many issues effecting each and every one of us here on Long Island, in NY, and across the country and even the GLOBE, the organizers of SAVE: Long Island decided it was high time people COME TOGETHER to support one another in our quest for freedom, health, and prosperity.… Read more ...

Statement From Michael Sanchez, Libertarian Candidate for NYC Mayor

Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez has been chosen to be the Libertarian candidate for mayor of New York City.

Here is his Facebook page: Michael Sanchez for NYC Mayor

I wrote to Mr Sanchez to ask if he’d like to write something up for our readers here.

For background on the invalid convention which Mr.… Read more ...

Jason Sorens of Free State Project Speaks at New York Libertarian Party Convention

Jason Sorens, Founder of the Free State Project and Assistant Professor at SUNY Buffalo,
Spoke to the NY LIbertarian Party Convention.

Speech starts after LPNY introduction, by LPNY Chair Mark Axinn @ 7:00  minutes in.

April 27, 2013, at the Rhinecliff Hotel, Rhinecliff NY

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Nick Gillespie on Reason TV: Meet Gigi Bowman

Here is some coverage of Gigi Bowman, who is the Libertarian candidate for the New York State Senate, Distict 5.

You can read the article, called “I Can’t Take the Loss of Liberty” or, How to Radicalize a Suburban Mom here.

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Video: Gigi Bowman Challenges Bloomberg’s Empire


Gigi Bowman is running for New York State Senate, District 5 as a Libertarian.… Read more ...

New York Officials React to Liberty Candidates

I found this important bit of video on Facebook.

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Gigi Bowman Featured as Libertarian Citizen-Candidates Learning As They Go

March 12, 2013
by Mark Wachtler

Anyone who’s ever run for elective office before knows that America’s electoral system is riddled with booby traps, landmines and incomprehensible rules seemingly put in place to prohibit regular Americans from ever running. And while most honest and sincere candidates are thrown off the ballot or never get that far to begin with, one Libertarian NY State Senate candidate is paving the way for the rest.… Read more ...

NYU Libertarian Event Was Sort Of Insane

NYU Local reported on the Libertarian event hosting Judge Andrew Napolitano, former Governor Jesse Ventura, “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, and Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson.

The crowd, composed of about 200 NYU students and members of the general public, filtered into the Rosenthal Pavilion after noon yesterday. While the crowd claimed seats and various city politicos mingled with the student group’s officers, New York-based singer/songwriter Tatiana Moroz performed from a front corner of the room.

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Event: Governor Johnson’s Rally for Jobs, Opportunity, and Diversity

On Tuesday, September 18, former Governor and Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Gary Johnson will be holding an event at the Rosenthal Pavillion on the 10th Floor of NYU’s Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South, New York NY 10012).

Speakers currently include Jesse Ventura, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Kennedy, and Kristin Davis.

For information about the event, follow the link below.… Read more ...