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Colbert: Johnson Says “Crazy-Ass Stuff”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert skewered Gary Johnson for seven minutes last night.

“Libertarians have long been waiting for a smart, respectable candidate to represent their values . . . and the wait continues.”

Gary Johnson at 12%, beating Hillary among independents; with Weld tonight on Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert

13434865_10153141439964364_3682002479068441712_nIn the Fox News Poll released today, Gov. Gary Johnson at 12%, a new high for a national poll and up two points from the same poll three weeks prior. The poll also shows the Libertarian nominee taking 23% of independents, beating Hillary Clinton at 22%. Among voters under age 35, Johnson takes 18%.… Read more ...

Update on Candidates for the Green Party Presidential Nomination

Green Party Watch held a presidential poll with the following results:

1,792 votes cast, Jill Stein received 1,223 of them, or 68%. Roseanne Barr, who had just entered the race in the last week, picked up 526 votes, or 29%. There were 35 votes for Kent Mesplay, and 8 votes for Harley Mikkelson

GPW reports that Roseanne Barr is very active on Twitter, and had tweeted a challenge to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to have both herself and Jill Stein on their programs.… Read more ...

PPP Polls Hypothetical Colbert Americans Elect, Gary Johnson Libertarian Bids

Public Policy Polling has the following results in their first national poll of 2012:

Ron Paul matches Romney’s performance against Obama, also trailing by 5 points at 47-42. Beyond those two Newt Gingrich trails by 7 at 49-42, Rick Santorum has an 8 point deficit at 50-42, and Rick Perry trails by 11 points at 51-40.

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Libertarian Party Attends the Rally to Restore Sanity

Kyle at Libertarian Party blog:

On October 30th, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert and John Stewart held an unusual rally on the National Mall. The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was a strange mixture of political comedy and commentary. While the specific goal of the rally was somewhat ambiguous in the weeks leading up to the event, we took it as a golden opportunity to interact with thousands of attendees and spread the message of liberty.Read more ...

Gail ‘for Rail’ Parker, Indy Green candidate for Congress, to appear on IPR radio Monday at 8 PM EST

This Monday, the 20th, at 8 PM EST I will be interviewing the Independent Green Party of Virginia’s candidate for US Congress Gail “for Rail” Parker in the first congressional district on IPR’s blogtalkradio channel.  The Independent Greens are the state affiliate of the Independence Party.  Submit any questions you might have in the comments.… Read more ...

Maldonado Appears On Colbert Report to Discuss Prop 14

Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado appeared on the Colbert Report, a popular news show on Comedy Central, to discuss Proposition 14 in California tonight. Prop 14 is referred to as the “Top Two Primary” because only the top two vote getters move on to the general election ballot. Colbert introduced it as a Proposition which was aimed at electing moderates, but Maldonado quibbled on that point, saying, “I don’t want moderates, I want to help people”.… Read more ...

NASA compromises with Colbert in naming contest

(excerpt from) Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Colbert’s NASA Dreams Are Crushed… Hilariously
By Mickey O’Connor / Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Democracy is dead: NASA has opted not to name a room in the international space station after Stephen Colbert.

Even though Colbert won an online poll by a landslide, NASA instead chose “Tranquility,” which came in eighth place in the poll, as the room’s new moniker…

But it’s not all bad news: On Tuesday’s The Colbert Report, NASA astronaut Sunita Williams announced that Colbert will get his small piece of immortality after all, as the organization voted to name a treadmill on board the space station after him.

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Could comedian Colbert win for President?

In 2007, Stephen Colbert, a political comedian who addresses his audience as “Nation”, made a brief run for President. He was considering running on both the Democratic and Republican Party lines.

While Colbert’s run was somewhat short-lived, it appears that Colbert does have the potential to win a nationwide vote.… Read more ...

Socialist Presidential candidate Brian Moore on Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert Report

H/T Ballot Access News

Socialist Brian Moore to appear on The Colbert Report

That’s right, Socialist Party presidential candidate Brian Moore will be appearing on Tuesday night’s Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. The Colbert Report airs on Comedy Central at 11:30 pm, meaning that Moore will appear sometime between 11:30 and 12:00 am.

Bob Barr: All prior LP nominees were not good candidates

When asked by Stephen Colbert why libertarians had traditionally voted for Republicans instead of the Libertarian Party, Bob Barr responded, “We haven’t had a good candidate,” but that he, Bob Barr, was a good candidate.

Barr himself, it should be noted, endorsed Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik in 2004.

Barr did nothing to disabuse Colbert or his national audience of the notion that libertarianism is a branch of conservatism, and in fact, he reinforced it.… Read more ...