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Montoni: Short Answers to the “Can You Win” Question

By Marc Montoni

Most of the many thousands of Libertarians who have run for office since 1972 (estimated to be in excess of 25,000) have faced the inevitable question from reporters (and voters as well, but especially reporters), “do you think you can win?”

The question itself reveals the intellectually lazy view of politics as a horse race. … Read more ...

Virginia: Former Libertarian Congressional Candidate, Convicted of Presidential Death Threat, to Run for State Legislature

As reported by WUSA 9 News:

Eight years after he emailed the Secret Service and threatened to kill President Barack Obama, a Northern Virginia man is now out of prison, equipped with enough signatures in at least one county to run for the House of Delegates. … [Nathan Daniel] Larson intends to run for Virginia’s 31st House District, an area encompassing Prince William and Fauquier Counties.

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Will Hammer: Put the Hammer Down on Your Virginia Ballot


From a media release by Virginia LP candidate Will Hammer:

It is with great pleasure that I formally announce my candidacy for Virginia’s House of Delegates 20th District. Though I did not get elected last year, I gained a lot of experience and look forward to running again. I am very proud of my campaign last year and look to bring that momentum to this race.… Read more ...

News From Libertarian Candidates Across the Country

The IPR writers haven’t been able to keep up with all the news in the third-party/Independent world over the past month or so. In an effort to catch up on some of the activity and news of Libertarian candidates, this article will list many of the pieces I have found on Facebook and other sources.… Read more ...

George Will: Third-party candidates can test the political duopoly

US with Virginia

Found in The Oregonian

By George Will
October 23, 2013

ARLINGTON, Va. — When William F. Buckley, running as the Conservative Party’s candidate for mayor of New York in 1965, was asked what he would do if he won, he replied: “Demand a recount.” Robert Sarvis, Libertarian Party candidate for governor of Virginia, will not need to do this.… Read more ...

Sarvis Talks about the Donation, His Campaign, and More

US News

Sarvis Says He Wasn’t ‘Obama Puppet’ Bowling for Cuccinelli

Virginia Libertarian reflects on race for governor, frustrations and lessons learned

November 7, 2013

Sarvis at podium

Robert Sarvis speaks at Glen Maury Park on Sept. 2, 2013, in Buena Vista, Va.

Robert Sarvis captured 6.5 percent of the vote in Virginia’s gubernatorial election Tuesday.… Read more ...

Wes Benedict of Libertarian Party Discusses Sarvis “Democratic” Donation

Posted to Breitbart
By Michael Patrick Leahy
November 5, 2013

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Tuesday, Wes Benedict, co-founder and President of the Libertarian Booster PAC that spent $11,454 to circulate petitions necessary to get Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis on the ballot in Virginia said “[w]e probably wouldn’t have spent the $11,000 on Sarvis if we had not received the $150,000 from him [major Democratic donor Joseph Liemandt].”

Benedict told Breitbart that Liemandt, a software entrepreneur from Texas who had a net worth of $1.5 billion in 2000 , gave the Libertarian Booster PAC $150,000 in January 2013.… Read more ...

A Couple Mainstream Articles Dismiss Talk of Sarvis as “Spoiler”

There was much discussion before yesterday’s election in the media and here on IPR about Robert Sarvis acting as a spoiler in the Virginia race for governor.
Today, the day after the election, at least two articles help to dispel that possibility.

Posted to Time

Stop Scapegoating Third Party Candidates for Election Results

By Nick Gillespie
November 6, 2013

Even before yesterday’s election, Republicans were ready to blame Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s looming defeat to Democrat Terry McAuliffe on Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis.

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Meet Virginia’s Prospective First Ladies

Astrid Sarvis

Posted to
Richmond’s Times-Dispatch

October 22, 2013

Their husbands are running for governor. And on Nov. 6, one of them will wake up as the next first lady of Virginia.

From different backgrounds and with different interests, Alice Monteiro Cuccinelli, Dorothy McAuliffe and Astrid Sarvis are out stumping for their spouses while helping to hold down the home front.… Read more ...

Liberty Crier: Additional Gubernatorial Debate Planned, Libertarian Robert Sarvis Included

Posted at The Liberty Crier:

An additional televised debate has been announced and Robert Sarvis has been invited to participate. The debate is being hosted by radio station KissRichmond.com and local news channel 8 at wric.com.

Virginians are invited to the Radio One and 8 News Gubernatorial Community Forum on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at the Virginia War Memorial 621 South Belvidere Street Richmond, VA 23220.… Read more ...

VA: Sponsor “Suggests” Including Sarvis in Gubernatorial Debate

Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor of Virginia, is still polling just shy of the 10% average threshold for including in the final debate before next month’s election … but the debate’s sponsor, WDBJ TV of Roanoke, has put out feelers about including him in the event:

on Friday, according to an email obtained by The Washington Post, WDBJ’s news director, Kelly Zuber, wrote to the McAuliffe and Cuccinelli campaigns, “We have received quite a bit of negative reaction to the exclusion” of Sarvis.

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Interview with Robert Sarvis

Late last month, I e-mailed the campaign of 2013 Virginia Libertarian Party gubernatorial nominee Robert Sarvis for a joint Wikinews/IPR interview.  Within minutes, the campaign’s Communications Director J.V. LaBeaume approved the request, but asked that I submit no more than five questions due to Sarvis’ busy schedule.   I did so three days later, but did not receive an immediate response.  … Read more ...