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Robocalls in Utah: McMullin is an Open Borders, Closet Gay, Son of Lesbians (so) – Vote Trump

Apparently being delivered to about 193,000 telephones in Utah.

“Hello my name is William Johnson. I am a farmer and a White Nationalist. I make this call against Evan McMullin and in support of Donald Trump. Evan McMullin is an open-borders amnesty supporter.  Evan has two mommys. His mother is a lesbian married to another woman.  … Read more ...

Donald Trump campaign approves chairman of the American Freedom Party as a GOP convention delegate, then retracts

William Daniel Johnson, the chairman of the of the American Freedom Party, pictured in front of a banner of his party back when it was called the American Third Position Party.

William Daniel Johnson, the chairman of the small white nationalist American Freedom Party, is an ardent Donald Trump supporter. In fact, Johnson’s active support of Trump and purchasing of robocalls in support of the presumptive GOP nominee was part of the reason that led his party’s own presidential candidate, Bob Whittaker, to resign from the American Freedom Party ticket in early April.… Read more ...

Bob Whitaker Resigns from American Freedom Party Presidential Ticket

Longtime political operative Bob Whitaker has resigned from the 2016 presidential ticket of the American Freedom Party (AFP) over the party’s softening language and explicit support for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

“You’re fighting the good fight,” Whitaker wrote in a letter informing AFP chairman William Johnson of his decision, “I just don’t think you’re very good at it.”

Whitaker is known for coining the phrase “White Genocide” to describe the declining percentage of Whites in the United States.  … Read more ...

American Freedom Party Report: New Interview with Chairman William Johnson

Every Saturday, from 9 PM to 10 PM CST, the American Freedom Party Report is hosted by the AFP’s membership director,  Jamie Kelso. The radio show airs on the Republic Broadcasting Network at republicbroadcasting.org. The American Freedom Party is a small white nationalist political party that ran Merlin Miller for president in 2012.… Read more ...

Free & Equal Commends Green Party Candidate Alex White

From Free & Equal:

Rochester, NY is holding a special election for Mayor after former Mayor Robert Duffy won election as Lieutenant Governor. In New York, special elections do not have primaries and independents must collect the same number of signatures as in a general election, but have only two weeks to do so instead of six.

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Rochester Green Party Selects Alex White As Mayoral Nominee

We previously reported that several candidates were courting the Monroe County Green Party for its Rochester mayoral line. Now, the party has made a decision. From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

Saying the Democratic candidates for mayor have had their chance, Green Party nominee Alex White on Tuesday said he would seek creative solutions to address crime, poverty and the city’s budget shortfalls.

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