Doug Stanhope asks about Robert Milnes

Doug Stanhope is in Denver for the LP convention.

“Where’s Robert Milnes?” he asked.

Apparently, Milnes had sent out a request for donations to help him get to Denver. Stanhope responded and asked Milnes what it would take to get him to Denver. He asked Milnes to send the reply to an alternate e-mail address, but Milnes never responded. Stanhope theorizes that Milnes sent a message to the wrong address.

When told that Milnes still hoped to win the nomination in absentia, Stanhope laughed.

10 thoughts on “Doug Stanhope asks about Robert Milnes

  1. Fred Church Ortiz

    Clearly, the CIA intercepted Robert Milnes’ reply as part of their wider plot to suppress the burgeoning progressive alliance.

  2. Bill Crain

    Stanhope wanted to be the Pat Paulson candidate until he found out the FEC wouldn’t let him make any money from it. He also hosted a Girls Gone Wild video.

    I’d like to see Kane standing between him and the TV cameras whenever the red light goes on.

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