Libertarians help San Francisco prostitution decriminalization measure get national publicity

Posted by Starchild on LP Radicals Yahoo group. Starchild is an activist with the San Francisco LP.

Most prominently, as many of you know, Carol Leigh (aka Scarlet
Harlot) was on the Bill O’Reilly show. Unfortunately he did not give
her much time to address the issue, as she had to spend most of the
scant time he let her talk during the segment trying to counter his
insistence on regulation. Some of Carol’s facial expressions as she’s
listening to O’Reilly blather on are priceless! Here is the link she
posted, which also has a short segment from our press conference
featuring independent congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan giving
her support:

The San Francisco Sentinel has a story on the measure that quotes
Maxine as quoted by the Chronicle. Interestingly, the picture with
the story depicts a young man on the street instead of a young woman
for a change. Annoyingly, they also provide a link to SAGE, and do
not allow comments on this story:

A couple pieces in the libertarian blogosphere including from David
Weigel of Reason Magazine focus on my role in the measure. The
material isn’t accurate in every particular (guess that’s true for
most of the coverage we’ve gotten, come to think of it), but any
attention in places where the audience is likely to be supportive is
a good thing…

And a few more sightings of the AP wire story on the measure
qualifying that I don’t think made my last list, including in the SF
Examiner and USA Today…

Also, unrelated to our effort but worthy of note, is a story from
April about an attempt to legalize prostitution in the country of

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))

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