Reason profiles Chuck Baldwin

In a 1,500+ word piece entitled “The Tao of Chuck,” Reason associate editor Dave Weigel profiles Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin.

Here’s a particularly interesting passage:

Baldwin’s view of the financial industry is darker than Paul’s, and it comes from a different place. Where Paul worries about the influence of the Federal Reserve, Baldwin compares “international bankers” to “the money changers in the temple,” rousted out by Jesus. “It’s been the desire of some, throughout history, to merge the world economically,” Baldwin says. “This is all driven by greed, money, and power. The thing these people always lacked was the technology to make this possible. Now it’s there, and there are forces in business and in government that desire to create a global economy, and you can’t have a global economy unless you have global government to run it.”

Read the entire piece here.

7 thoughts on “Reason profiles Chuck Baldwin

  1. Trent Hill

    contrasting Baldwin and Paul on that issue seems dumb. Baldwin ALSO fears the power of the Federal Reserve.

  2. G.E. Post author

    Wow, Trent. So does Dennis Kucninich. I fear that Baldwin’s ideal monetary system might be closer to Kucinich’s (or Henry Gonzalez’s) than Paul’s. Not dumb at all and in fact, very important.

  3. Trent Hill


    Baldwin fears the Federal Reserve FOR THE SAME REASONS that Paul does. And has endorsed a “sound money” system,whereby we legalize competing currencies. Is that “closer to Kucinich”?

  4. G.E. Post author

    Trent – Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard actually disagreed quite sharply on monetary policy, and Ron Paul’s view was the more “anarchistic” while Rothbard’s was the more “statist.”

    Ron Paul advocated and advocates a free market in currencies and repeal of legal-tender laws.

    Rothbard advocated the reinstation of the gold standard — or, more accurately, the CREATION of a gold-coin standard and a 100% gold dollar. He ridiculed Hayk’s “denationalization” of the dollar plan, which was pretty much Ron Paul’s view.

    Here, I side with Ron Paul. But I say this to point out there’s a difference between a “sound money system” (as advocated by Rothbard) and a non-system of competing currencies — they are not one in the same.

    Which does Baldwin support?

    I don’t know. I’ll get that audio up later tonight (hopefully) and you can hear the question I asked him and the answer he gave. I asked what an ideal monetary system would look like, and he talked about abolishing the IRS. ?

    My understanding is that Baldwin might be a little closer to Kucinich and the American Monetary Institute because of his obsession with the “the Fed is a private corporation” canard.

  5. paulie cannoli


    That’s not the position Rothbard took in What Has Government Done To Our Money. Full text is available at Mises. org

  6. G.E. Post author

    Okay, thanks Paul. I’m basing Rothbard’s position on his statements in The Case Against the Fed, which was written close to his death, and his essay in The Gold Standard: An Austrian Perspective which I think was also after WHGDTOM, which I have sadly not read.

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