Robert Milnes: Request 100 Green signatures for GP presidential nomination

Quoth Robert Milnes:

Please forward to interested persons or groups. I have been informed that 100 signatures of Green Party members must be received as part of approval process for presidential candidates. With this email I request Green party members to consider supporting my candidacy by sending a letter of support to Presidential Campaign Support Committee. I know it is late in the time preceding the convention. And I know one candidate is the presumptive nominee by already getting enough pledged delegates for a first ballot nomination. However I would like to make a statement at the convention and possibly give the delegates a chance to adopt the Progressive Alliance Strategy. Such strategy would request the nominee to choose a libertarian for the vice-presidential slot on the ticket thus making a “fusion” ticket. This has proven to be very difficult. But I think it should be tried. If you agree please contact the PCSC: Maria Kuriloff, , Tom Yager, , Gregg Gerritt, Thank you for your support.

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