Baldwin wishes Corsi had time to write McCain book to mirror ‘Obama Nation’

In happily accepting the endorsement of his presidential campaign from best-selling author of Obama Nation, Jerome Corsi, Chuck Baldwin says, “I just wish that Jerry had time to write an exposé on John McCain, because no one else among America’s national journalists has the intention (much less the integrity) of doing it, and McCain is certainly equally deserving.”

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7 thoughts on “Baldwin wishes Corsi had time to write McCain book to mirror ‘Obama Nation’

  1. Trent Hill

    If Corsi wrote a similar book about McCain–im afraid it wouldnt do very good. But it’d be, in the words of Lew Rockwell–pretty “heroic”

  2. johncjackson

    There are plenty of exposes on McCain. They don’t receive much attention for some reason. I can only speculate but I assume because “conservatives” for the most part now fall behind McCain and support the GOP as he does his little dance for the religious right. AND the “liberal media” have no interest in attacking McCain because they love him. He is a “bipartisan” unprincipled politician, the worst of both worlds- loved by Dems and (some) Repubs alike.

    Corsi isn’t writing a McCain book and it has nothing to do with time. It has to do with him being a pawn of the Republican Party and doing their dirty work by smearing the scary black man running for the socialist democrats as if the scary old white man running for the socialist/fascist republicans is if any better. He can endorse Baldwin all he wants, but Baldwin is a non-entity. The effect of NoBama is YesMcCain.

    Obama is terrible but there are really only a couple reasons for going through the trouble of doing something to make him look bad. Obviously $$$$ and/or helping republicans. Which go hand in hand writing for the “conservative” press.

    Doing the same to McCain does not pay as well.

  3. sunshinebatman

    Corsi wrote articles poitning out McCain’s mob connections and KLA/-qaeda connections … the left “news” like Keith Obamamann is just attacking Corsi even more for smearing the honorable McCain.

    Can’t win for losing…

  4. G.E. Post author

    How despicable is this Olberman fellow, by the way. He’s just a convenient tool for the neocons to claim there’s a “liberal” media bias.

  5. pdsa

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    As for Corsi’s book currently being #1 on the NY Times best seller list: I’m willing to wager it will be found steeply discounted on right-sided websites in a couple of months, when the initial buyers, who helped prop up the rating, are looking to dump their inventory. That’s an old game.

    Currently, Newsmax will ‘give’ the Freddoso Obama book FREE! – – for a $40 – 1 year subscription, but then again, two current Newsmax advertisers claim:
    This little blue pill is amazing! Ladies love guys that take it – (ingredient: saltpeter)Doctor Reveals How to Avoid Prostate Cancer – (secret: get a sex change operation)
    Got to wonder about their readership…

  6. G.E. Post author

    Yeah, those NewsMax crazies are the fools who end up turning blue from drinking colodial silver! Corsi and the whole crowd are lower than neocons.

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