Libertarian Barr strong in 10 battleground states

Zogby polling on the presidential race in 10 key states that included Libertarian Bob Barr and independent Ralph Nader along with the Democratic and Republican candidates showed Barr polling at least five percent in nine of the states, and above 10% in two, while Nader failed to top three percent in any of the states:

  • Colorado: Barr 8%, Nader 2%
  • Florida: Barr 5%, Nader 1%
  • Michigan: Barr 5%, Nader 1%
  • Nevada: Barr 10%, Nader 3%
  • New Hampshire: Barr 11%, Nader 1%
  • New Mexico: Barr 5%, Nader 1%
  • North Carolina: Barr 3%, Nader 2%
  • Ohio: Barr 8%, Nader 1%
  • Pennsylvania: Barr 5%, Nader 3%
  • Virginia: Barr 5%, Nader 1%
  • 8 thoughts on “Libertarian Barr strong in 10 battleground states

    1. Steven R Linnabary

      IIRC, NH is a state where Barr isn’t even on the ballot.

      One would therefore be suspicious of the rest.


    2. langa

      If Barr gets anywhere near these percentages (which is very unlikely), Obama will win in a landslide.

    3. Seldom Seen Smith

      Barr will certainly have an impact in a few states. I just read however that long time Libertarians are worried that the party is being taken over by social conservatives who have a rather pro-activist approach to government which is at odds with core libertarian principles.

      It’s really too bad that Greens are split between McKinney and Nadar. Joe Biden on the Dem ticket would nave been a nice windfall for a unified progressive thrid party movement – a real progressive party as opposed to a faux one like the Democrats.

    4. antiwar

      This is not a regular Zogby sampled poll conducted by interviewers.

      Have you ever gotten a spam email asking you to be on a Zogby online polling panel? This is that kind of survey. It is an online survey of people who volunteered to participate. It is adjusted for demographics, but it is only a step away from a regular online poll.

      Notice that above the link to their methodological statement that they have a line to “Click here to Join Our Online Panel.” This means we can all join and give our favorite candidates better results.

      But to use this to actually measure trends is not very useful.

    5. Mike Theodore

      Nader at 2% in Colorado? I doubt that. It’s the only place I see that still has “W ’04” stickers proudly displayed.
      For the record, I stopped and laughed at everyone I saw.

    6. Trent Hill

      That brings up a funny thing though, I have a friend who found an old “Ron Paul 1988” sticket…

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