Connecticut: Nader on, Barr off

The Hartford Courant reports Libertarian Bob Barr “didn’t make the November election ballot in Connecticut,” making Connecticut “one of six states and the District of Columbia” where Barr “isn’t confirmed on the ballot.” However, independent Ralph Nader “made the cut,” and “all five state congressional districts will include a Green Party candidate on their ballots,” a “first-time achievement for that party, though it wasn’t able to get Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney a slot. The 4th and 5th districts will have even more choices: Libertarian Michael Carrano in the 4th and independent Thomas Winn in the 5th.” The Green candidates are Stephen Fournier in the First District, G. Scott Deshefy in the Second, Ralph Ferrucci in the Third, Richard Duffee in the Fourth, and Harold Burbank in the Fifth.

The Danbury News-Times says Nader submitted “nearly 17,000 signatures” in Connecticut; 7,500 are required to achieve ballot access. The Waterbury Republican says Connecticut “will have a total of 42 petitioning candidates on the ballot for president, Congress and the General Assembly. That figure does not include cross-endorsed candidates.”

8 thoughts on “Connecticut: Nader on, Barr off

  1. paulie cannoli

    Libertarian activists are finding many valid signatures in Connecticut that had been invalidated by town clerks. As noted earlier, the town clerks had initially found that the petition only had a 54% validity rate, and that the party’s presidential petition is 501 signatures short. At the rate activists are finding valid signatures that seem to have been invalidated in error, the evidence that the petition really does have enough valid signatures should be in hand by September 22.

  2. songster7

    Years ago, when I ran for State Senate in Mass. as a Libertarian, they tried to boot me off for similar reasons (short on sigs). The very first petition I challenged was the one I had signed as signature #1. They had invalidated MY signature, despite the fact that on that same piece of paper, my signature on the reverse side (as the prospective candidate) … had been approved! (Turns out they’d hired HS students to check sigs, and this bunch just denied most of them … figuring nobody would care?)

    It took about two hours of comparing signatures and addresses to the election department’s own books, before they certified me. It sounds like Conn. Libbies will have a similar ordeal, probably successful … or else Barr will file another lawsuit …

  3. donald raymond lake

    Oh come on GE, you want less democracy?

    Boy and folks say that I am one little opinionated and judgemental pin head.

    Thx GE, you make even myself look good!

    Nader at 47 ballots?

  4. citizen1

    Nader definitely cost the Green Party access for prez in CT. Many of the Green Party members including candidates such as Ralph Ferucci were helping Nader not McKinney.

  5. Mike Gillis

    He didn’t “cost” them anything.

    Green candidates aren’t obligated to support McKinney for President or work on her ballot access. No more than Dems and GOP candidates are obligated to work for Obama and McCain.

    Greens who make that argument are no different than the Dems who blame Nader for Bush. That support doesn’t belong to anyone or any party. And the Greens don’t “own” their supporters and candidates.

    And likewise, the Libertarian Party and Barr don’t “own” the support and volunteer work of its members and candidates.

    If you want the support of people like Ferucci and others, earn it. Be a better candidate than the rest.

    If volunteers felt more like working for Nader than McKinney (or vice versa) and they don’t achieve ballot access, that’s the fault of the candidate, not their opponent.

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