Independent American Party endorses Chuck Baldwin

In a statement from its chairman, the US Independent American Party announces it’s Nominating Convention has selected Chuck Baldwin as its choice for President:

On September 13, 2008 the Independent American Party in Presidential Nominating Convention chose as its candidates Chuck Baldwin as President and Darrell Castle as Vice President. Baldwin and Castle had earlier been chosen as the nominees of the Constitution Party. On September 22, 2008, Ron Paul, Republican Congressman from Texas and a former Republican Presidential Candidate, endorsed Chuck Baldwin for President.

This may be the beginning of a shift from partisan politics as usual to a more non-partisan approach. A study done in Texas a few years ago determined that 36% of Texans considered themselves Independent. Many of our citizens across the country identify themselves as Independents, only registering in one of the major parties so as to be able to vote in Primary elections.

Our first President, George Washington warned against the dangers inherent in party politics.

From its inception, the Independent American Party has suggested to its members that they support pro-Freedom candidates where ever they may be found. Let us continue to put Freedom over Party as we continue this election year.

2008 marks the third consecutive Constitution Party Presidential ticket cross-nominated or endorsed by the USIAP, after placing Howard Phillips on the Utah ballot in 2000 and endorsing Peroutka-Baldwin in 2004 after failing to secure ballot-access in any state that year. It’s predecessor and present affiliate Utah Independent American Party was formed in 1993, later alligning itself with the American Party and providing Diane Templin the bulk of her Presidential votes in 1996 before forming its own national infrastructure in 1998.

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