Register to Vote

If you haven’t already, make sure that you have registered to vote in the November election. You can find out your state deadlines for registering here. Most are in October, some as early as October 4th. You can register to vote here.

8 thoughts on “Register to Vote

  1. Spence

    Well, I’ll be relying on the handful of educated people in this country to cast my vote collectively for me… since you know, the government has like…this arbitrary law… that says I can’t let my voice be heard for another four years even though I turn 18 NEXT year.

    Guess they know best.

  2. darolew

    I’ve sent in my voter registration. Fortunately, my birthday works out with the state’s arbitrary laws. I’m not 18 yet, but in WA, you only need to be 18 by election day to register, so I’m good.

  3. paulie cannoli

    I voted in the 1988 election, when I was sixteen. My mom had an absentee ballot, and I was way more into politics than she was. Unfortunately, I voted Democrat.

  4. donald raymond lake

    I do not have to steal absentee ballots to vote Democrat —–I live in Collie Fornia and the Dems grab the entire state by a million votes every four years.

    I hate Democans and Republicrats!

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