Ralph Nader launches nationwide grassroots ‘Get Out the Vote Ground Operation’

Independent candidate for president Ralph Nader launched a nationwide grassroots get-out-the-vote effort today. His campaign is opening 22 offices across the nation, hiring 40 new full time staff members, distributing 20,000 yard signs, 500,000 “pieces of literature,” 100,000 bumper stickers, and 250,000 “lapel stickers.”

Also, the campaign has introduced a new page to its website, where you can find all of local the staff of the campaign on a map of the nation. It is located here, along with other get-out-the-vote information.

7 thoughts on “Ralph Nader launches nationwide grassroots ‘Get Out the Vote Ground Operation’

  1. Ross Levin Post author

    From what I’ve seen, Nader’s campaign is by far the best-run independent or third party campaign this year. Of course, I’m not an “insider” of any campaign but John Murphy’s, but I’ve just been impressed with what I’ve seen from Nader.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    Still, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney and Chuck Baldwin will utterly crush Criminal Nader as people will soon recognize him for what he truly is, and come forth into the glory of Revolutionary General Barack H. Obama, the great debater, the great emancipator, yes, amen.

  3. Mike Gillis

    It’s getting exciting. And they have more GOTV offices to open soon.

    In my experience, alot of the anti-third party vitriol from 2004 that dissipated quite a bit and people are alot more open to voting for candidates like Ralph.

  4. johnny12

    Catholic Trotskist I have a question man…who are you? Are you serious with all you talk, or is it a joke? I mean no offense, I am new and curious.

  5. LaineRBT

    I am glad to see a huge push on the grass roots level to get out the vote for Nader; I hope he gets around a million votes this year. Other young people I talk to about Nader seem to really like him once they do their research and go past what the mainstream media is feeding them.

  6. johnny12

    I am one of those young people you’re talking about. I used to gaffe him off as just a “crazy socialist” and all of that. Then when I did my homework, I was hooked. This man is brilliant. He saw this economic meltdown coming eight years ago, and no one listened to him.

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