Australian Sex Party going down under

The Australian Sex Party says they are serious about sex.

Sex is a wonderful thing. It’s the reason we were born and (mostly) its NOT the reason we die. Sex is one of our fundamental desires as humans, which is why many people enjoy using realistic sex dolls in order to fulfil their basic human needs. Sex, as gender, defines who we are and often what roles we undertake in society. It’s responsible for a heck of a lot of pleasure and fulfillment in life. Also, the basis of much art, fashion and music. It entertains us, enthralls us and mystifies us. Because its such a fundamental need of human beings, it conditions much of our behaviour. And then politicians go and legislate that behaviour.

The Australian Sex Party is a political response to the sexual needs of Australia in the 21st century. It is an attempt to restore the balance between sexual privacy and sexual publicity that has been severely distorted by morals campaigners and prudish politicians.

A political party based on sex is certainly a single-issue party but to choose a bad metaphor, its a very broad church. Economic, social welfare, environmental and even defense policies have got lots to do with sex and sexuality. All those big guns and huge surpluses…

If you’re sick of religious and anti-sex politicians like Steve Fielding, Brian Harradine and Fred Nile threatening to block legislation in the Senate and State Upper Houses unless they get their way on sex and gender issues, vote for someone who understands this rort.

Vote for the Sex Party.

Keeping it legal — keeping it free

If you like our platform and think it accords with the way you think why not come on board for the political ride of your life?

Have you noticed over the past decade that people seem to be more relaxed about sex and morality than ever before? And then have you noticed that most of the pronouncements about sex and morality from Australian politicians seem to say the opposite? When was the last time you heard a politician say they wanted to relax censorship laws rather than ‘crack down’ on them? When was the last time you heard a politician say something positive about the expression of human sexuality? Why should we censor websites like TubeV.Sex? It’s all natural. Sex can be a great thing between a couple, however, sometimes certain issues come up (particularly in men who are a lot older). This might include something like erectile dysfunction. If this is something that has happened to you, then don’t worry it can be easily sorted by going to somewhere like this Advanced Urology centre. This isn’t an issue as it can be fixed. Sex should be something that you enjoy.

We now have more censorship of sexual material than we did 10 years ago.

Joining the Australian Sex Party gives you the opportunity to have a direct say in how sex and gender laws are formulated in this country. As a member of the Sex Party you are helping to elect legislators who like and enjoy sex themselves and are not afraid to support others in their quest for a fulfilling sex life. It says you’re serious about sex and you want a new approach to sex and gender issues in the parliament.

Coverage by Lucy Bennett at

SEX sells, and the newly formed Australian Sex Party knows it.

That’s why, even with what seem to be sensible policies rooted in a desire to make sexuality and discussions about it less touchy subjects, the party has chosen a name that stands out from the traditional ballot paper line-up.

The party, with the slogan “we’re serious about sex”, launches at Melbourne Sexpo on November 20th and party convenor Fiona Patten is confident it will gain the 500 members required to register and contest state Upper House and Senate seats.

Ms Patten, who is also the chief executive of the Eros Association – representing the adult retail and entertainment industry, said she and others were concerned about the Government’s proposed internet filter, which is being tested over summer on about 10,000 sites to block “unwanted content”.

“This really came out of 20 years of lobbying on sex and censorship and then… the latest being the compulsory internet filter, which will … prohibit and blacklist adult material that is currently legal in magazines, books and film,” she said.

“When we started talking about the Australian Sex Party, we realised that sex is a lot broader than just censorship and a lot of the policies are a lot broader.”

Also on the party’s list of policies, to be announced at the launch, is a national sex education school curriculum.

“With the internet and the fear that children are being sexualised at an early age, the first key action on that will be sex education,” Ms Patten said.

“Other countries such as the UK are introducing a national curriculum and we think we should follow that.”

The party would also look to overturn rules under which overseas aid was not given to health clinics that were pro-choice, she said.

The party’s provocative and potentially alienating name was a decision the group wrestled with, Ms Patten said.

“We felt that – sex in a crowded room – now we’ve got your attention. It’s half the problem with politicians, because they still giggle when they say the word sex, and that’s why we have such idiotic policies at state and federal levels,” she said.

“Let’s try and own that word on most government forms.”

Ms Patten said there had already been a lot of interest from potential members.

“We’ll probably have our 500 members by the time we launch on Thursday. But there’s four million customers of adult shops in Australia.”

She also hoped the 1000 or so adult shops around the country would become Sex Party branches.

“Hopefully we’ll get their attention with the word but then we may be able to help influence some reasonably sensible policies.”

10 thoughts on “Australian Sex Party going down under

  1. JimDavidson

    If you visualise two of the Venus symbols, the circle above a cross, and two of the Mars symbols, the circle with an arrow coming out of it at an angle, and merge these together, you get it. Fred’s comment is right on target. Way to go, Fred!

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party will found a branch in Australia now in order to counteract this evil influence. All members of the Australian Sex Party are again sentenced to 100 extra years in purgatory. I hope that at least the Constitution Party will jion me in this condemnation.

  3. Mike Gillis

    More power to them. It’s about time that people stopped getting so worked up over what other consenting adults do behind closed doors.

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