Former US Congressman John Hostettler to attend Constitution Party event

It has been revealed, through the Constitution Party’s Email Newsletter, that former Republican congressman John Hostettler from Indiana will be addressing the Constitution Party’s national committee meeting in Orlando, Florida on December 12-13. John Hostettler served in Congress from 1994 until 2006 and was one of the six house Republicans who voted against the War in Iraq (the others were Ron Paul, John Duncan Jr., James Leach, Constance Morella, and Amo Houghton). Hostettler recently revealed that he casted a write-in vote for Chuck Baldwin in Indiana, joining former congresscritters Representative Steve Stockman and Senator Bob Smith who also voted for Chuck Baldwin. It is also believed that former congressmen John Leboutillier, Mel Hancock, Bob Dornan, and William Dannemeyer voted for Chuck Baldwin, but these have not been confirmed.
Hostettler also recently authored a book, Nothing for the Nation: Who got what out of Iraq, and started a publishing company. Nothing is known about whether Hostettler is considering any sort of run for elective office under the Constitution Party label.

5 thoughts on “Former US Congressman John Hostettler to attend Constitution Party event

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    I think Hostettler is in the same league as John Duncan Jr.,which is the league right below Ron Paul and above Walter Jones and Steve Stockman.

  2. Bill Lussenheide

    Former 6 term Congressman John Hostettler from Indiana will be addressing the National CP meeting this Decmember at Orlando Florida.

    Hostettler was one of the “true believers” in the Congressional freshman class of 1995. He believed the U.S. Constitution should be strictly interpreted and was very critical of government actions–especially those of judges–that he felt overstepped their constitutional limits. Even those who disagreed with Hostettler felt that they knew where he stood and would likely give him the benefit of the doubt that he regularly voted in principle and not for political ends.

    He was strongly pro-life and opposed gun control. He favored the dissolution of the Department of Education, and voted against the No Child Left Behind Act because he felt education was a state matter. He also voted against most federal health care bills, feeling health care was a state matter. He also felt that many federal environmental laws and regulations infringed on individuals’ property rights.

    Hostettler was very active on issues of religious freedom and expression. For example, during his last term, he was the chief sponsor of the Veterans’ Memorials, Boy Scouts, Public Seals, and Other Public Expressions of Religion Protection Act of 2006, which would have prevented attorneys who successfully challenge violations of the Establishment Clause from collecting attorneys’ fees.

    On economic issues, he supported repeal of the estate tax, the capital gains tax and the “marriage tax penalty.”

    Hostettler was a hawk by inclination (he strongly supported the Strategic Defense Initiative). However, he was one of the leading Republican opponents of the Iraq War. He felt that preemptive military strikes were improper, and also felt that the military should not go into action unless there was an “imminent threat” to national security.

    Hostettler was a hardliner on immigration issues

    “…the Constitution … is very clear. These are violations of our immigration law, and those that violate our immigration law should be dealt with, and should be punished, and should be ultimately deported.”

    he supported building a fence at the Mexican border and opposed benefits of any sort to illegal immigrants. During his last two terms in Congress, he was Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims.

    Sounds like a real champion, and I look forward to hearing from him.

    Bill Lussenheide- Candidate US Congress CA-49

  3. Steve

    Good for the CP. My only question is, where the hell were these guys when Ron Paul needed them? Chuck Baldwin is worth writing in, but they couldn’t endorse their former colleague in their own party’s primary? For gosh sakes, Bob Smith endorsed Duncan Hunter of all people.

    Its also disappointed that Baldwin won the votes of several former Congressmen, while Barr didn’t. You guys can add that to your list of insults to heap upon Barr.

  4. Mike Indiana

    As someone who lives in John Hostettler’s former district I can tell you he was considered to be quite the joke while serving indiana’s 8th district. He spent way to much time addressing national issues which had little to do with residents of his district. He also embarresed the residents of his district repeatedly with his outlandish behavior (getting caught with a laoded gun in an airport, his infamous unchristian comments about Democrats from the house floor, etc.) the only thing funnier and more pathetic was the carpetbaggers the democrats repeatedly ran against him.

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