Green Party contender talks like a candidate — but is not one yet

From Jake Wagman in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Political Fix”

The Green Party’s Elston K. McCowan, a preacher and union official, was the first mayoral hopeful to declare his intention to challenge incumbent Francis Slay.

And while he has been stumping for weeks, McCowan is yet to officially file.

Last week, McCowan lead a rally with individuals concerned about lead paint in public schools. On Monday, he was slated to headline an event demanding no further closings of St. Louis schools.

Still, filing began on Nov. 24, and McCowan has yet to officially put his name on the ballot. Once he does, he’s all but guaranteed to face the winner of the Democratic primary in the April general election.

That is providing, of course, that the Green Party does not get ensnared in a primary of their own.

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