Howard Phillips makes members of CPNC angry with comment on Rep. John Hostettler

The Constitution Party National Committee meeting was addressed this past weekend by former Rep. John Hostettler. Former Rep. Hostettler recently wrote a book and addressed the Constitution Party on the same basic topics his book covers. After John Hostettler’s remarks, Howard Phillips, the founder of the party and CP Presidential candidate in ’92, ’96, and ’00, claimed that “No one worked harder over the past 12 years to protect constitutional principles in Congress” (this is a paraphrase, passed on to me secondhand).

This statement apparently had a sour effect on those activists and leaders in the party who backed Ron Paul during 2008’s primaries. I recieved emails from members in Idaho, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Nevada all complaining about this statement. One leader in the party, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “John Hostettler was a great guy in Congress, definetly one of ours, but to say he beat out the likes of Ron Paul is insulting.”

I just recieved this statement in my email from Gary Odom, National Field Director of the CP

“It has come to my attention that there was a feeling, on the part of some, that the complimentary remarks made by Howard Phillips of John Hostettler at the recent Constitution Party National Committee Meeting in Orlando Florida where former Congressman Hostettler spoke, to the effect that “nobody worked for Constitutional principles during his 12 years in Congress than John Hostettler” were somehow denigrating to Ron Paul.
I have to believe that whoever derived such an idea completely miscontued Howard’s intent and the context in which they were made. John Hostettler was a guest at our meeting and had just spoken, prior to Howard Phillips. A number of our members, like, I suppose, many members of the general public were not completely familiar with Congressman Hostettler. Howard simply meant to convey a compliment to him that was well deserved. Nobody was talking about Ron Paul at the moment and, besides, everyone in the room was very, very familiar with Ron Paul. This was simply meant as a positive statement about John Hostettler. To take any other meaning, frankly, is quite silly. Howard Phillips is a close personal friend of Ron Paul and continues to work with him on a great many issues. There is nobody who has greater respect and admiration for Ron Paul than Howard Phillips.
Not every complimentary reference to someone who works hard for Constitutional principles requires a comparative reference to Ron Paul. I’m sure that Ron Paul would agree with this statement as much as anybody. Let’s not be ridiculous looking problems that simply do not exist.”
Gary Odom
National Field Director
Constitution Party

50 thoughts on “Howard Phillips makes members of CPNC angry with comment on Rep. John Hostettler

  1. NewFederalist

    Let’s be a bit fair here. Howard Phillips isn’t exactly youthful so he may not have intended to offend the Paulistas. He sure did intend to offend Keyes at the national convention so if there is any confusion between the two situations why not simply ask him?

  2. Sivarticus

    Seems a bit ridiculous to me. What reason would Phillips have for insulting Ron Paul? He spoke at the Rally for Republic up here in Minnesota. He probably just misspoke or didn’t think his comment all the way through.

  3. Trent Hill Post author

    Then again,alot of people were mad at his remarks towards Keyes (even some who opposed Keyes)–and he definetly did NOT misspeak there.

    For the record, I wasnt mad at all. I had already had a serious run in with Tom Hoefling (Keyes’ personal handler) and given him my opinion. During Phillips’ speech about Keyes I was laughing and then gave Paul Venable, Rocky Reidel, and Red Phillips high-fives.

  4. chinese_conservative

    Clearly had he should have thought about his remarks better but it was not intentional. This is different from what Bob Barr did. He intentionally skipped a press conference after promising he would go. But really this is the problem with today’s society every time someone misspeaks it is all over the Internet. Like that stupid lipstick on a pig incident.

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    Im not a CPer. Im a Republican, a former CPer, a current donator to LvMI, and my top ideological influences are HL Mencken, Frank Chodorove, and Albert Jay Nock. You’re a sucky troll. I prefer Catholic Trotskyist.

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    I’m a prick? Every comment you’ve made on this thread has been abrasive, every comment i’ve made hasn’t been,accept to say that you were a sucky troll. If you aren’t trying to be a troll, you should rethink your statements.

  7. Trent Hill Post author

    “You’re with the fascist party these days?”

    I operate inside the Republican Party. Like Ron Paul, like John Duncan Jr., like Gary Johnson, etc.

    Let’s not forget Justin Raimondo and Murray Rothbard were both Republicans for awhile.

  8. Ross Levin

    This is dumb. Phillips was probably either just expressing his personal opinion, building the Congressman up because he was speaking there, or both. Phillips shouldn’t have said, “This guy’s good, but he’s no Ron Paul,” or anything like that – it’s just tasteless to say that right after Hostettler’s speech, especially when it seems like the CP is trying to recruit him.

  9. Trent Hill Post author


    I agree it is overblown. But he could’ve said something like, “John Hostettler was one of the…” or “John Hostettler was a leading defender of…” etc.

  10. Bill Lussenheide

    I was physically present at the meeting in Florida, Thursday thru Saturday and spoke with virtually everyone in attendance there, if not at least once, but several times.

    I did not hear of , or rumor of one single person person there who was “outraged” over this introductory statement of Howard Phillips of John Hostettler.

    The introduction was not made with any reference or judgement being intended upon Ron Paul, but rather in a praiseworthy fashion towards Hostettler. Not a negative word was spoken against Ron Paul at this convention from the official platform by anyone, and to imply such shows the agenda of the writer in trying to whip up a controversy WHERE NONE EXISTS!

    This story is an exaggeration, and way out of any legitimate context.

    The entire weekend was taped and can be seen here for yourself in endless loop…

  11. johnlowell

    The Ron Paul devotees that find Phillip’s remark offensive should start in on a course of Carter’s Little Liver Pills right away. And if these are found to be insufficiently assertive, Milk Of Magnesia. What ever value Ron Paul may have had to anti-system voters over the last couple of years was frittered away needlessly in cowardice and self-concern when he refused to mount an independent bid for the presidency. Put simply, Ron Paul is a schmegeggie.

  12. Catholic Trotskyist

    Exactly what I was going to say, Johnlowell my friend, though my rhetorical style is quite different.

  13. Trent Hill Post author

    “Not a negative word was spoken against Ron Paul at this convention from the official platform by anyone, and to imply such shows the agenda of the writer in trying to whip up a controversy WHERE NONE EXISTS! ”

    The agenda of the writer? I like the CP and I like Howard Phillips. There WAS most definetly a controversy, which is why I recieved 5 emails from national committee members about it. Whether you heard about it, Mr. Lussenheide, isn’t my concern. I simply report the news I get Bill, don’t try to stifle it because you don’t agree with it.

  14. Trent Hill Post author

    “Thanks, Bill.”

    Thanks for what? I already said I thought these people were being overblown. But 5 National Committee members being upset over it is something of consequence.

  15. citizen1

    I was not present in FL but I did watch the video stream on Sat. When I heard Howard make that statement my first thought was what? Not Ron Paul? I am not that familiar with Hostettler’s record so I was not sure. Maybe since their time in congress did not exactly mirror or most likely just kinds words to get him into the party. I doubt Ron Paul was offended. As for the Keyes comments I thought that the timing was not proper. Howard was supposed to be talking about the Party of another specific topic that he did not even mention. The speech would have been proper a nominating speech.

  16. Trent Hill Post author

    I thought the timing was not propwer for the Phillips/Keyes speech either–I didnt think he should be using the party platform to denounce a candidate,it set an awful precedent. But I wish he would’ve been telling people those things all along.

    I watched the live stream too, and although Phillips’ statement shocked me, I certainly understand why he said it–to praise Hostettler nad maybe get him to join the party. I wouldnt have been angry at all.

  17. Ross Levin

    “The introduction was not made with any reference or judgement being intended upon Ron Paul, but rather in a praiseworthy fashion towards Hostettler.”

    I should have been more specific.

  18. Libertarian Joseph


    The Democratic Party has a grander history in libertarian perspectives than the GOP. Wasn’t Jefferson David a democrat? Aren’t dems more tolerant on social issues? Yeah, they might be lacking on fiscal matters, but how are GOP doing in this department? ha. All rhetoric from the GOP. I’m also tired of that crazy religious bs talk I always hear from republicans, borders on cultish imo

  19. Trent Hill Post author

    “I’ve been an ancap for a few months now.”

    A few months now? Wow, impressive. Perhaps you should hop off the pontificating high-horse until you know a little more about what you’re lecturing.

  20. Trent Hill Post author

    You know what it’s all about? You,who cant form decent sentences and address people with a little courtesy? In the 3-6 months you’ve been ancap, it’s impossible that you’ve read everything even about the minarchy/ancap dispute,much less everything written about ancap-ism.

  21. Libertarian Joseph

    I read

    *many articles on IPR
    *mises articles
    *Lew Rockwell articles
    *few hotair articles
    *books that can find online, for free 😉 fuck IP

    I have read some of Stefan Molyneux’ books… but he appears to be an OCD when it comes to philosophy.

  22. Catholic Trotskyist

    I have read the autobiographies/memoirs of Leon Trotsky, Anatoly Lunacharsky, Robert La Follette SR, Admiral Miklos Horthy, Paramahansa Yogananda, Barack H. Obama, Bill Clinton, and more, and that’s only the books in that genre. So there.

  23. Trent Hill Post author

    As a matter of interest, Tom Hoefling, Alan Keyes’ personal handler, is on Ballot Access News trying to trash me tarnished name. =)

  24. songster7

    Phillips has been a dickhead since long before he was a US Taxpayers Pres nominee. Back in 1978, for just one example, he was running for the GOP US Senate nod from Mass., and he brought Anita freakin’ Bryant up there to help him campaign against gay people! (She even held a press conference at the Copley Plaza Hotel that weekend — how do I know? I was in charge of press relations for the Libertarian Party National Convention, which was happening that same weekend, in that same hotel, with our press room and greeter table both on a direct line between the hotel’s front door and the AB conference room (that would be the same room that two hours earlier had been occupied by the breakfast session, whose speaker was none other than Murray Bookchin, and which had been attended by NO PRESS OR MEDIA whatsoever, even from the local “progressive” press).

    I got to watch as every press/media type I had been in contact with (and many others I had not) trooped right past our tables and displays, into the Bryant conference … and 15 minutes later back out again … utterly ignoring everything we had to offer, and everyone we could have had available for interviews.

    The only positive about Phillips was getting to see him, so many years later, in 2000 … with the little mustache and combover hairdo, standing at one side of Harry Browne (his usual emotionless waxen-image), while on the other flank was the bald-pated John Hagelin of the Natural Law Party. It was perfect: Frankenstein, with Hitler and Mussolini on either side of him!

  25. citizen1

    Aren’t there enough real problems and people to be angry at that we to not have to create them because we feel that we or someone else has been slightly slighted.

  26. darolew

    “HL Mencken, Frank Chodorove (sic), and Albert Jay Nock”

    Good list. Solid libertarians, and all three of them are good writers (especially Nock).

    “I read … books that can find online, for free”

    There are actually a lot of those. The LvMI’s literature section has an extensive number of books available — not just on Austrian economics either, but also the Old Right and classical liberalism. The Online Library of Liberty is also pretty good — they’ve got a large collection of works, ranging from Herbert Spencer to Aristotle. In addition, most of the classics of classical liberalism (e.g., works by Adam Smith, Turgot, Bastiat, etc.) are readily available on the Internet if you look.

    However, I fear no amount of reading will help an abrasive attitude, which is LJ’s real problem. That might take some old fashioned maturity. (I feel weird saying that as a teenager…)

  27. Trent Hill Post author


    “Good list. Solid libertarians, and all three of them are good writers (especially Nock).”

    I think especially Mencken–but definetly Nock too. Mencken had a grasp of the english language that few can now claim. We’ve essentially butchered the tongue–words fall out of our mouths and die, unfortunately. To read Mencken (and Nock too) is a treat.

  28. Trent Hill Post author

    “And they all had “abrasive” attitudes, too.”

    Ummm,says who? Everything I’ve EVER read said Mencken and Nock were perfect gentlemen. I’v never read anything on Chodorov’s personality.

  29. Steven Druckenmiller

    *snicker* – the Paulbots will take offense at any little thing that seems to slight Dear Leader, won’t they?

    How does getting elected to Congress, refusing to negotiate or settle on things, add pork to bills (which you subsequently vote no on) and squandering cash and energy make on a defender of the Constitution again?

  30. jimbo

    Chelene Nightingale for governor 2010 campaign trying to bribe CALGUNS for an endorsement, by donating money
    to the group. What a joke, this group HAS TO STOOP TO ANY LEVEL to beg for an endorsement. Sad sad pathetic people

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