Independent candidate Herbert Hoffman: ‘Impeachment – there is still time’

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

There is still time to come to the aid of our Nation! President-elect Obama campaigned as a progressive and a left-leaning Democrat. A man of the people, he offered hope to all who feared the direction in which this country was moving. He promised “change” in the way our government functioned. There is no doubt that his election was a singular victory for improving race relations in the U. S. and represented the potential for charismatic leadership to lead this Nation forward.

However, since Mr. Obama achieved a sufficient number of delegates to assure his nomination, he has become less and less a progressive and a potential agent of change. I refer specifically to his actions and statements regarding foreign policy, his increasingly apparent willingness to continue a foreign policy based on aggression and empire building, his numerous appointments that support these policy positions, and more. This is not change, this is more of the same. We must continue to be vigilant and proactive – or the military/industrial/government coalition will prevail – AND THAT IS FASCISM!

Below is a copy of the text that I sent to my Representative-elect Chellie Pingree [1st District] a short time ago. I urge each of you to take action along these lines. Over the past year both Chellie and Mike Michaud have indicated support for impeachment investigations. During this period, the transgressions by the Bush administration have only become more egregious and more blatant. This must not continue.

My sincerest wishes to each of you for a full-filling and much better year in 2009,



Dear Chellie,

As I have said to you and publicly, I am confident that you will serve with distinction and demonstrated leadership.

You will have the opportunity of following through on your expressed campaign commitments after you are sworn in. I am referring to your joining as a co-sponsor of an impeachment resolution [Bush and Cheney] or filing your own resolution. There is ample time to initiate an impeachment investigation by the House. The significance and importance to this Nation cannot be underestimated. We are a nation with a fascist government, i.e., ruled by a corporate/government partnership. Impeachment is perhaps our last hope to return to a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

If We, the People, are going to reclaim our democratic form of government, we need you and Mike and a majority of the House to initiate impeachment hearings so that no future President will proceed with an imperial presidency for which president has been established.

Peace — and I wish you and Hannah a Happy and Full-filling Year ahead,


One thought on “Independent candidate Herbert Hoffman: ‘Impeachment – there is still time’

  1. Jerry S.

    Why impeach? INDICT! Put their sorry TREASONEOUS asses in jail. Let the “experts” get the secrets out of them, if you know what I mean ! *(please note, I’m not advocating force just SELF-DEFENSE against these most dangerous men)

    As for Obama being change, BULL#%*^. The masses continue to elect the false left/right paradigm that is owned and controlled by the same people.

    My “HOPE” is that there will be thousands of people lining the streets of D.C. on Jan.20 holding “BRING OUR TROOPS HOME” signs. The peace movement must hold his feet to the fire! As Gravel said Obama is more dangerous than any candidate who ran…

    Obama is DANGEROUS, Mike Gravel rates Democratic Party opponents:

    Barack Obama: Brought to you by the New World Order:

    Obama promises to deliver policies directly from the establishment that his supporters believe they are opposing. – Carbon taxes/Environment czar – An expanded police state/civilian national security force – A continuation of the pre-emptive war policy (possibly against Pakistan) that made the Bush presidency so unpopular, many more people may die on foreign soil, on and on and…

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