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Mike Seebeck: Georgia LP passes resolution against LNC’s proposed Keaton suspension

Mike Seebeck reports:

The following is a Resolution passed by the Libertarian Party of Georgia this evening, with regard to the LNC’s Resolution of Discipline regarding LNC At-Large Representative Angela Keaton:

Resolved, the Libertarian Party of Georgia expresses its deep disappointment with the Libertarian National Committee in its continued activities regarding Angela Keaton and it neglect of its proper Party duties, and expresses a desire that the LNC get back on proper course for the LP by actually working for the growth of the Party and advancing public policy in a libertarian direction, instead of engaging in self-destructive, alienating, embarrassing, and pointless internal squabbles.

Seebeck reports that Jason Pye introduced the resolution and it passed with a majority ayes, no nays, and some abstentions.

We have not yet had a chance to confirm this report with the Georgia LP.


  1. kiddleddee kiddleddee December 4, 2008

    Steve, certainly the role played by the LPGa in the whole Barr thing – from start to finish after helping to defeat him in 2002 – is regrettable. But the election results in Georgia are a very positive item.

    Also the fact that the LPGa senatorial candidate had the balls to decline to endorse either of his opponents in their run-off election is a very positive item as well.

    The current leadership has expressed some very different ideas of how to grow the party than I have, but he seems to be committed to supporting local affiliate autonomy and experimentation which I find refreshing and, certainly in my case, very welcome.

    LJ, mind your own business!

  2. Steve M Steve M December 3, 2008


    You can’t be serious. The LNC’s business is the business of each state party.

    The Georgia Libertarian Party had some of the best results in the US for getting people to vote Libertarian.

    “Election night 2008 was a stunning success for the Libertarian Party of Georgia. Although we did not win any of our races, our candidates got record vote totals and percentages, and it appears we have forced runoffs for the US Senate and one of the Public Service Commission seats!

    First, the record-breaking results from the Public Service Commission District 1 race. As of this posting with 96% of precincts reporting, Libertarian John Monds has shattered our previous high-water marks. John has gotten one third of the vote (previous high was 23% set in 1994); and he is the first Georgia Libertarian to receive more than 1,000,000 votes (more than TRIPLE our previous best)!

    There is great news from our other statewide candidates, too. Libertarian US Senate candidate Allen Buckley has 3.4% of the vote, enough that neither the Republican incumbant nor the Democrat challenger has an outright majority. It looks as if Libertarian Allen Buckley is forcing a runoff election for the US Senate!

    There’s a similar story in the Public Service Commission District 4 race. Libertarian Brandon Givens has 5% of the vote and has forced a runoff between the Republican and Democrat.

    The Libertarian Party of Georgia is busting with pride over all our candidates — and over YOU for your support in the voting booth yesterday!

    In the interest of full disclosure: there were two other Libertarians on the ballot in Georgia. Kevin Madsen received 239 votes in his non-partisan race for the Loganville City Council; we applaud his efforts even though he fell short of victory. And Presidential candidate Bob Barr received 0.7% of the vote in Georgia.

    We’re taking today off to recover from the Bob Barr Election Night party. Tomorrow we start recruiting candidates and volunteers for the 2009 municipal races around Georgia, and for the 2010 legislative cycle. Interested in running for office? Contact the Libertarian Party Of Georgia at (404) 888-9468, or email us at info-at-LPGeorgia-dot-com.”

  3. Libertarian Joseph Libertarian Joseph December 3, 2008

    GA LP needs to mind its own business. What have they done for us in 2008?

  4. Michael Seebeck Michael Seebeck December 2, 2008

    Talk to J.R. Enfield. He was there, I believe.

  5. kiddleddee kiddleddee December 2, 2008

    Makes me proud to be a member of the LPGa – if I ignore a lot of the other crap. Big thanks to Jason and the others. (This report – or the report from LFV? – was posted to my Facebook Page; thanks Michael for covering this.)

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