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Socialist Action statement on Gaza conflict

Socialist Action has issued a statement calling for an end to “all aid to Apartheid Israel” and slamming neighboring Arab states as complicit in the latest episode of violence in the Gaza strip:

Since it withdrew its occupation of Gaza, the Zionist rulers of Israel have maintained it as an open-air prison and most of the time as a shooting gallery. Now they have made it an extermination camp. The December 27-29 premeditated slaughter of almost 300 Palestinians, with another 1,000 wounded, has horrified the world, and especially the Arab masses, who sympathize with the Palestinians.

The Palestinian people have been relegated to the status of vermin in their own land by the Zionist colonizers and their U.S. imperialist backers.

In the Zionist treatment of the Palestinians the Arab masses recognize the contempt that the imperialists have for them, and the sight of it rubs salt in their wounds. They have suffered this bitterness and have harbored a justifiable hatred for their oppressors for decades without finding an effective outlet. Today their outrage can only become deeper; in time it will eventually overwhelm the neocolonialist rulers of their own countries, who connive with the Zionists and the imperialists.

The statement argues against the present state of Middle Eastern politics in terms of imperialism and capitalism, stating the party’s ultimate goal in the region as “a democratic secular Palestine to be re-constituted on the original Palestine lands and with the right of all Palestinians to return” along with “a socialist federation of the Middle East and for a socialist Palestine, where Arabs, Muslims, Jews and all others can live at peace in an egalitarian society free from capitalist profit and exploitation.” In terms of immediate action, Socialist Action demands:

·Immediately end all U.S. military, economic and political aid to Israel!
·Immediately withdraw all U.S. military installations and equipment from Israel!
·Sever all relations with Israel!

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  1. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist December 30, 2008

    They are one of the better Trotskyist Parties.

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