Green Party’s Bill Holloway passes away

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Texas Green Bill Holloway passed away this week. He was the co-chair of the Travis County Green Party, and involved with both the Texas Green Party and GPUS.

I’m posting here an e-mail from Kat Swift regarding Bill Holloway, followed by a recent (Dec. 1) post he wrote at

The Green Party of Texas mourns the tragic loss of Bill Holloway. Bill was a dedicated leader who was currently serving as the Co-Chair of the Travis County Green Party in Austin, TX. He will be missed as a mentor and a friend.

Through his kind-hearted activism, Bill touched the lives of so many people. He was an active Green Party contributor at the local, state and national levels. Bill served on numerous committees in the Green Party and in other organizations as well.

Bill Holloway passed away unexpectedly last weekend at his home in Austin, Texas. Given the unexpected nature of his death, we know many will have questions regarding details. Out of respect for Bill, his family, and his lengthy legacy of community service, we hope you understand our reluctance to speculate and request that others will also be circumspect in their communication.

Our heart-felt condolences go out to all of Bill’s friends and family. Bill was a very special person who will be sorely missed.

There will be a memorial service in Austin, TX, on Friday, January 16, and his funeral will be in Oklahoma City, OK, on Wednesday, January 14.

For the memorial, a book is being compiled for his parents. If you would like to contribute, please write down a story or memory of Bill, with a photo if you have one and send it to Sondra – by January 15th. His family never met most of his friends and, we suspect, had no idea of the difference he made in so many lives. The book is being put together to let them know how many people were touched by and loved him. If the photo and the text can be pasted onto one page, that would be ideal, but whatever people can contribute would be appreciated.

Whatever your beliefs, please keep Bill and his family and vast network of friends in your thoughts, prayers, and/or rituals.

In solidarity,

kat swift
Green Party of Texas

Bill Holloway writing at

I’m gonna lay out some ideas I’ve been having.

David Cobb said long ago (and in Chicago during the ‘08 pres. nominating convention), and Noam Chomsky recently reinforced the idea on Democracy Now!, that change rarely comes from “above.” It comes from the street, from people’s movements. The abolitionist movement, women’s suffrage, labor rights, civil rights, women’s liberation, the environmental movement—these are some of the movements in this country that led to real reform. Some of these movements led to the formation of political parties that successfully drove the issues.

My opinion and concern is that the US Green Party — at least in the mind of the public (where it counts) — has not been born of such a movement. The public, at least, believes we were created by middle-class white, liberal activists: Ralph Nader’s people, individuals from socialist groups, and disgruntled Democrats. We have had a difficult time connecting to and recruiting working-class people and people of color, as we all know. I believe there is a nacent, building movement for social justice. I believe that they will have a political party, but it will, IMHO, not likely be us unless we are careful and very dedicated. Of course, we have to assess for ourselves whether this is what we want!

To become that party, I believe the Green Party needs to re-invent itself a little bit. I believe we need to become more than just a party and more than just activists. We need to become a community service organization as well, somewhat in the mold of Malik’s Common Ground Relief—taking groceries and prescriptions to the elderly at home, building/re-building houses and schools, providing relief and perhaps legal advocacy, whatever a community needs where a Green Party local is organized.

We need to serve those whose support we want. We have to serve them directly, IMHO, not just as elected officials but on the street and in the home.

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4 thoughts on “Green Party’s Bill Holloway passes away

  1. Wes Benedict

    I’m sad to hear about Bill Holloway’s passing. I first heard about this yesterday at a political meeting in Austin of people from a wide variety of political backgrounds. He was honored with a moment of silence. Many of us knew him. I didn’t know Bill especially well on a personal level, but our paths crossed frequently and we cooperated on many efforts over the past several years. Quite often when I’d be working on a Libertarian Party event on South Congress Avenue in Austin I’d run into Bill working on a Green Party effort and we’d chat for awhile. Then again, quite often we’d be working on the same City of Austin effort. He was especially nice and considerate and I know many in Austin, Texas will miss him greatly.

  2. paulie cannoli Post author

    Memorials for Green Party leader Bill Holloway of Texas

    The funeral will be held in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, January 14th at Hahn-Cook, Draper, and Street funeral home at 11am.

    A celebration of Bill’s life will be held in Austin on Friday, January 16th at 7pm. It will be held at the home of Jim O’Brien

    From Sondra Sondregger

    Dear friends-

    As requested, I wanted to share the details of the services being held in
    Bill Holloway’s honor. PLEASE distribute this to anyone you
    think might want to come and pay their respects and remember Bill.
    For those of you who have emailed me and heard little or nothing
    back, my deepest apologies. Be assured that I’ve been reading every
    one of them! If you can imagine how many friends Bill had, you can
    imagine what my inbox looks like!

    The funeral will be held in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, January 14th
    at Hahn-Cook, Draper, and Street funeral home at 11am.
    The preliminary obituary, which includes funeral details, can be found
    PersonID=122739972 There will be a more lengthy obituary in the
    Oklahoma City paper tomorrow, as well as in the Austin paper.

    A celebration of Bill’s life will be held in Austin on Friday,
    January 16th at 7pm. It will be held at the home of Jim O’Brien,
    another of Bill’s longtime friends, and it will be held in the same
    fashion as Jim’s usual potlucks: please bring a dish to share, a
    chair to sit in, and if you play one and want to contribute
    musically, a musical instrument. Several of Bill’s family members
    will be present and really look forward to meeting all of his friends
    (I think they’re going to get more than they bargained for, but I digress…)
    PLEASE NOTE that this will be outdoors, so please dress appropriately!

    ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: I am compiling a memory book of Bill’s life,
    composed of stories and photos from his friends. His family didn’t
    know as much about Bill’s life in Austin as they would have liked
    to, and I want them to know what his world was like and what a
    difference he made to so many people here in Austin. If you have a
    favorite story about Bill or a reflection about his life, please
    write or print it out to put in this book for his family. If you
    have a photo you can contribute to this, please do so! Please
    either email those to me, or bring them with you to the party on

    The family is requesting that in lieu of flowers, donations should
    be made to the charity of your choice.

    Sondra Sondregger

    lonestarsondra at gmail dot com

  3. snarko

    I just read the news in the Chronicle, which is awful cuz I’m at work and must say my “customer service” level just dropped ten notches.

    I’m in shock.

    Bill was my second-favorite partner-in-political-crime, so to speak. He was ALWAYS there for me when I needed help–even a last-second CPA for a convention floor. We’ve worked on political campaigns together for true-change Democrats and I’d pay back by being his “blue-greenie”, as he called me. Well, I’m a Green in disguise, after all.

    And he was cute, too.

    A completely positive and wonderful person to be around while all the other activists had a freak-out, I will miss my Billy dearly.

    I still owe you one. I’ll think on that.

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