California’s Green mayors on the job

California currently has three Green Party mayors; Bruce Delgado of Marina, Holly Madrigal of Willits, and Gayle McLaughlin.  The cities have populations of over 25,000, over 5,000, and over 100,000, respectively.  The most recently elected one is Delgado, who was sworn in this past December.

Monterey County Now has a piece on how Bruce Delgado is handling the economic crisis and subsequent budget problems in Marina.  They report that he is being progressive by promoting green jobs, realistic by announcing budget cuts, and conciliatory in a “town long led by conservatives.”

The People’s Weekly World features Gayle McLaughlin in an article about a referendum passed by Richmond voters called Measure T, and more generally how she has done as mayor.  Measure T imposed a tax on local manufacturers and affected a Chevron plant – which McLaughlin fought the construction of in the first place – more than anything else.  McLaughlin also talked about her political success and a future trip to Cuba, among other things.

McLaughlin has also joined a chorus of groups calling for the EPA to reveal the chemicals used in a certain aerial spray.

A former aide of McLaughlin has been charged with stealing over $65,000 from the city of Richmond, and McLaughlin is not only entirely unrelated to the incident, but “gratified” to hear that this “egregious abuse of my trust and the trust of the community” is being prosecuted.

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