Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss on the federal stimulus

On the Prog Blog, the Vermont Progressive Party’s official blog, Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss presents his thoughts on the federal ‘stimulus’ and how it will effect Vermont and Burlington.

The federal stimulus – or economic recovery act as it is now termed – has dominated news over the last several weeks. When I was in Washington for the US Conference of Mayors meeting in mid-January, I had the opportunity to meet with Vermont’s congressional delegation. The Vermont delegation is working hard on the details of the recovery plan and Burlington has several projects that are “shovel-ready” with a regional economic impact far beyond the City.  Projects at the airport, in the downtown, and at the Waterfront are especially important to local and regional economic vitality.  In addition, our schools have significant capital needs and school modernization is included as an element in the recovery plan.

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10 thoughts on “Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss on the federal stimulus

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    He isnt an independent, he’s a Progressive. Bob Kiss could very well be the next big thing in Vermont politics. He’s following Bernie Sander’s steps by running for Burlington city council, then mayor. I’ve no doubt that if Kiss were to run, in an open election, for congress in Vermont–he’d be highly competitive. Anthony Pollina, too, should consider running for Congress or for a lesser executive office. More than any other state level party—the Progressive Party is quite successful. Only the Minnesota Independence Party can rival it. If we’re looking at recent history, the Alaskan Independence Party of the 90s and the New Hampshire Libertarian Party of the 80s can rival it.

  2. Ross Levin

    I just say independent sometimes out of laziness when I’m talking about third party people.

    I hope Bob Kiss goes onto bigger and better things. I don’t know much about him but it would just be nice to have another non-major party guy in power. A diversity of voices is a good thing.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    Pollina is done, how many elections has he lost now, not even getting second place? Bob Kiss could indeed be the next big Vermont indi/progressive politician, hopefully he can get the Democratic endorsement like Sanders.

  4. VAGreen

    Pollina did come in second in the election for Governor last year. He finished slightly ahead of the Democratic candidate, who I think was Speaker of the House.

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    VAgreen is correct. Pollina placed 150 votes ahead of the Democratic challenger.

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    Interestingly, in Orleans county (closest to Canada), Pollina scored 21%, and two other third party competitors surpassed 2.5%.

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