Senate race in PA: Specter considers run as independent

The race for Senate in Pennsylvania is becoming very interesting. The incumbent, Arlen Specter, is a Republican, who is being critiqued by his party for his support of the Democratic-led stimulus package last month.

According to a March 11, 2009 story in the Washington Independent, there is some chance that Pat Toomey (a long time Republican who was gone from the scene awhile, but returned with strength recently) and/or Peg Luksik (a pro-life activist and previous third party candidate) might challenge Specter in the Republican Primary.

Now, a post on The Hill suggests that Specter may be taking a step sideways. Specter says he will not run as a Democrat. Though, evidently, he is considering running as an independent. The decision will be a difficult one:  Specter would have to eschew the Republican Primary altogether, since, in Pennsylvania there is a rule that if you lose in a primary, you cannot then run as an independent in that race.

11 thoughts on “Senate race in PA: Specter considers run as independent

  1. Kimberly Wilder

    Note: In addition to the specific story, the article on The Hill has interesting discussion about what it means to run as an independent, and various ways that an independent could decide to caucus (ie: with their own party or the opposite party.) Worth reading for third party and independent folks.

  2. Mik Robertson

    Pat Toomey came very close to beating Specter in the primary six years ago. With the vote on the stimulus bill, Toomey would likely win this time.

  3. NewFederalist

    Pat Toomey would have a great shot if 1) voters remember who he is 2) Peg Luksik does not jump in as well and 3) Rick Santorum keeps his mouth shut this time. Other than that… no problem!

  4. Trent Hill

    Peg Luksik WILL run, count on it.

    If Specter decides to run Independent, this race will suddenly get REALLY interesting, especially for us third partiers.

  5. Joey Dauben

    Pat Toomey is the head of the Club for Growth, or at least very high-level.

    I don’t think PA will forget him anytime soon. There are Republicans chomping for a rematch of that 51-49% race.

    (Spector was losing, but late boxes put him at 51 percent)

    Toomey would destroy him this time, I think.

  6. David Stolz

    Pat Toomey and Peg Luksik are fundementilist/neoconservatives in the Gingrich,Bush2Limbaugh mold that has brought the GOP,and this country down.That extren migh still might play in an increasingly narrow GOP base,but they’ be creamed just like Rotten Rick Santorum in the general election.Plus loosing someone a senior Specter would hurt the state very badly!

  7. David Stolz

    I wish Ms Luksik were a non-interventionist.It would be a new twist.But I’ve looked at her website and its the usual modern GOP,war hoops(At ONE TIME IT WAS THE DEMS WHO WERE KNOWN FOR WAR)without any diplomacy.She might of had the non-interventionist thing going when Pat Buchanan was hot,but not now.Than she jumped on the anti-Murtha bandwagen when the one-time hawk denouced the criminal Bush war.The IKE,Nixon,Reagan coaltion believed in the Big Tent.Now with Limbaugh,Palin,Joe the Plumber,Pat Robertson,Alan Keyes;plus Mrs Luksik,all left are the carnies!!!!Wait till WONKETTE.Com discovers her.She should of been a nun,and stayed out of politics.

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