Australian Sex Party: ‘We’re winning’

In the latest issue of Australian Sex Party News, Fiona Patten writes

It would seem that the government is starting to listen to your Sex Party’s agenda. Since we launched our policy suite a few months ago, the federal government has already addressed two of them. They have removed bans on overseas aid to countrys who include abortion in their birth control programs. This was policy #7 on our launch platform. Last week, Communications Minister, Senator Steven Conroy, announced that the government’s blacklist of banned websites would no longer automatically include legal X rated and other legal material. The Sex Party hounded the Minister on this point and was the first group to bring this issue to the attention of the Australian public. Up until our first public criticisms of the fact that the blacklist contained legal material, no one was aware of this monstrous con job that Conroy was trying to sneak throu

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