Boston Tea Party at Kansas TEA Party

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I attended the Tax Day Tea Party in Overland Park, Kansas on Wednesday. It was much fun.

According to the local Fox Snooze affiliate, there were a thousand people there. I did see a helicopter overhead, probably from Channel 9, so someone might even have counted the crowd.

There were all kinds of people there, from Vietnam veterans to Iraq war veterans in age, some very elderly, many young children. There were mostly white people, but the region is pretty pale. I did see a number of Hispanic folks and some other ethnic minorities.

My favorite protester war a pink pig outfit. It was fun to stand near the police and shout, “Look at the pig!” Then point at the one in the pink outfit. -smile-

I was able to pass out about 200 flyers for “Lawrencians for Liberty” including “Campaign for Liberty” and Boston Tea Party contact particulars. I also passed out around 200 flyers for the new agorism revolution project.

In Colorado Springs for the von Mises Circle earlier this month I was given by one of the organisers a stack of “Audit the Fed” flyers from the Campaign for Liberty, so I passed those out, too. Then it was off to the street to wave my sign at passing motorists. There was huge enthusiasm from the cars – lots of waving and horn honking and cheering.

My sign said, “No more taxes, No more wars, End the bailouts, End the war on drugs” on one side, and “Go Ron Paul” on the other.

Many people asked about the fliers and one had even read J. Neil Schulman’s book “Alongside Night.” She was excited to hear about the plan to make it into a film.

There were two sets of speeches, both with amplification. For a while, I stood between the two sets of speakers and had one blaring in my left ear, nearly canceling out every word blaring in my right. Many speakers introduced themselves and none stick out in my mind.

A politician was there with an “end the bailouts” petition. Many people signed that, including me, and many signed up at the Kansas City tea party booth, including me. So, I should get more e-mail, and that’s always swell.

There were many police but no violence. Many different messages were presented, and I was amused by quite a few.

If you missed out, and plan to be in the Kansas City area, check out the End the Fed rally coming up later this month.

If you plan to be in Lawrence, we’re doing two “Films for Action.” One is “America: Freedom to Fascism” this coming Sunday the 19th of April at the Woodruff Auditorium in the Kansas student union. The other is some “Money Masters” thing, which is critical of the Federal Reserve but, as I recall, promotes the completely idiotic approach of having Congress print money.

You should really get involved. It is the revolution of our time.

Get a shirt or something to declare your affiliation:

3 thoughts on “Boston Tea Party at Kansas TEA Party

  1. Eternaverse

    People shouldn’t forget to try to attend the Boston Tea Party’s “Meatspace Gathering” in Kansas City on May 30-31. I hear speakers include Angela Keaton and Tom Knapp, and that J. Neil Schulman will be there to screen his first film, Lady Magdalene’s. It should be fun, I’m trying to make it. The Facebook event is at

  2. Reaganite Republican Resistance

    Obama has made it clear that he couldn’t care less what the TEA Party demonstrators were trying to get through his head- so will now enact his radical agenda regardless of the costs, and is willing to pull us into the abyss to do it.

    In Barack’s world, even if impeached tomorrow, he could always brag that he fired the CEO of GM- the ultimate class-enemy. And spending trillions of dollars’ worth of your and the next 2-3 generations’ money doesn’t seem to bother him one bit- he acts like it doesn’t even merit discussion. We hear plenty about his neckties, lengthy puppy-vetting process, and how Barack likes to play “hoops”, though.

    It’s hard to imagine a worse combination in a leader than managerially-inexperienced narcissist with Bolshevik mentors and weird grudges.
    This guy thinks he’s king of the universe, when his resume doesn’t qualify him to run a muffler shop. And the only apparent “qualities” besides soaring rhetoric are towering arrogance and a black-hole where his conscience was supposed to be… explains how he did so well in the mafia-like Chicago Machine.

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