Former presidential candidate Mike Gravel running for office – in Korea

As the few stragglers left on Mike Gravel’s website have noticed, he has taken a strange interest in South Korea lately.  For those of you who don’t know, he ran as both a Democrat and Libertarian for president in 2008, and was a Senator from Alaska from 1969 to 1981.  Gravel apparently believes that it is going through some political events right now which may be a perfect opportunity to implement a national ballot initiative system there.  For the past decade or so, Gravel has been spearheading an effort to make a similar system a reality in the United States.

A few weeks ago, Gravel presented a number of documents to some of his volunteers and posted them on his website (full disclosure:  I volunteer for Gravel’s national initiative plan and I have been in contact with him about it).  He has also talked about an upcoming trip to Korea.  The documents are entitled “Analysis and Reasoning Behind The Korean National Initiative,” “This Korean Generation has a Rendezvous with Destiny,” and “The Korean National Initiative.”  The Korean National Initiative is the proposed Korean law itself.  An excerpt of This Korean Generation has a Rendezvous with Destiny follows:

Civic Maturation

The structure of representative government maintains citizens in civic adolescence by denying them the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions. Citizens are denied the power to vote directly on public policy issues and thereby take responsibility for the results of their decisions.

Civic adolescent can be overcome the same way we overcome adolescence in our children by carefully giving them more and more responsibility as they grow and gain experience thereby preparing them to become mature adults. Because policy decisions in government are only made by our representatives, the present structure of representative government denies citizens the opportunity to take responsibility for public policies that affect their lives, gain experience and mature to civic adulthood. Over time civic adolescence erodes the faith people must have in their own sovereignty if democracy is to remain vibrant and strong.

The greatest damage to the polity by representative government is the civic adolescence it engenders in its constituents. The greatest good that can come from direct democracy is the civic maturity it will engender in people. The civic maturity citizens acquire in taking responsibility for their own self-governance, not only inures to the benefit of the polity, it also adds maturity to individual citizens in their personal, family, institutional and spiritual lives.

In an email earlier today to the same volunteers which he sent the documents, Gravel announced that on his upcoming trip to Korea, he would be seeking Korean citizenship and running for a seat in the National Assembly (their unicameral legislative branch).  In doing so, he hopes to bring attention to his plan for Korea and if he wins it will put him in a position to start implementing it.

Update on 4/2/09: April fool’s!

25 thoughts on “Former presidential candidate Mike Gravel running for office – in Korea

  1. paulie

    Obama to sign Executive order “repealing the ‘Law of Gravity’!”

    I don’t see why not. He already repealed the laws of economics, after all.

  2. Matthew

    That citizen part was a joke right? How can you just visit a country and then become a citizen instantly? Unless he marries a Korean or something.

  3. Ross Levin Post author

    Gravel drew a good crowd when he went to Grenoble last year and he speaks fluent French. Maybe I’ll tell him about this. He could be the first man to simultaneously have a seat in the Korean National Assembly and be President of France.

  4. sunshinebatman

    Re: 10 (& 11)

    That is not exactly correct. Anyone who was born in territory that is now, or ever was, under French rule may, when applying for French citizenship, seek to have the seven-year residency requirement waived. Since Rockefeller/Blythe/Clinton was born in Arkansas, part of the Louisiana purchase, he could seek to have the residnecy requirment waived.

    In practice, this waiver is seldom if ever granted, particularly to Americans. And there are other subjective criteria (employment, fluency or familiarity with the French language, etc.) which must be fulfilled before being granted citizenship.

    You do indeed have to be French citizen to be the French president. (There may also being requirment that you have to have served in the military…. not sure on that one.)

  5. sunshinebatman

    Billy’s momma was a whore in Hot Springs… His father could have been any number of crooks or power players. She put the name of the dead guy Blythe on his birth certificate. I know you’re a Soviet, but try to acquaint yourself with basic American history rather than spamming your own website. Hope this helps.

  6. sunshinebatman

    You’re parroting Soviet Bolshevik propaganda techniques, yes. It may or may not be conscious.

  7. paulie

    BTW it’s not “my own site,” either.

    Since you get facts of which I am thoroughly acquainted wrong, that doesn’t inspire too much confidence in your wild conclusion-jumping claims on other subjects, with which you are most likely equally (un)acquainted.

  8. paulie

    You’re parroting Soviet Bolshevik propaganda techniques, yes. It may or may not be conscious.

    Making fun of your paranoid lunacy is Bolshevik? Please.

    You haven’t had to experience the real thing. You are very lucky.

    I am too, since my parents got me out before I grew up any more in that environment and I honestly don’t think I would have made it to adulthood if they hadn’t.

  9. Melty

    If you ain’t moneyed, it takes a good command of the language to pass the tests.

  10. sunshinebatman

    Bolshevik tactics encompass ridicule instead of reasoned deabte; and when you emply those tactics in service of the state, you are being doubly Bolshevik. Since you’re so well-acquainted with the facts paulie, tell us where your eight-cousin blather comes from? The researcher and activist , the late Sherman Skolnick, concluded Clinton was likely actually a Rockefeller. His activism and research actually put judges in prison; which is a far more successful independent political record than your paranoid Bolshevik blather.

  11. paulie


    I’ll let your slander and wild conclusion-jumping speak for itself.

    It’s your eagerness to embrace such moonbatery that serves the state by making its opponents appear to be ridiculous. I oppose the state on principle, not because I think it is run by alien lizards or any other such nonsense.

    Sherman Skolnick, concluded Clinton was likely actually a Rockefeller

    Last night you were claiming no one knows who his father is, but now you do. Your nonsense isn’t even internally consistent.

    And no, I’m not going to waste any time looking it up.

    Like I said:

    Since you get facts of which I am thoroughly acquainted wrong (calling me a Bolshevik, saying I’m spamming, or that this is “my own site”), that doesn’t inspire too much confidence in your wild conclusion-jumping claims on other subjects (like this), with which you are most likely equally (un)acquainted. Thus, not worth the time to take seriously.

    Not engaging raving lunacy in debate isn’t bolshevik, it’s just being sensible.

    I’m sure you would debate any claims advanced by anyone, no matter how absurd on the surface. Very well then: you can test that theory by going to your nearest psych ward or homeless shelter. I’m sure you will find enough researchers with grand theories there to occupy the rest of your days.

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