Former Senator Bob Smith to run in Florida

We’ve previously reported that Bob Smith was considering a run for US Senate in either New Hampshire or Florida. He has made a final decision regarding the location, but not about whether he will actually run. The former Senator says, in this video (embedded below), that he wants to balance budgets, decrease the national debt, right to life, smaller government, lower taxes. In an email, he confirmed to me that he was indeed exploring a run in Florida. He cited some other issues which he believed were very important, like the re-establishing a gold standard and shutting down the Federal Reserve.

Bob Smith is a former Republican Senator from New Hampshire. He ran for President in 2000 and, for a few months, defected to the Constitution Party (then named the US Taxpayer’s Party), only to return to the Republican Party. In 2008 he briefly considered running for President as the nominee of the Constitution Party, but eventually declined to run. He had kind words for Constitution Party presidential candidate, Chuck Baldwin, later on.

11 thoughts on “Former Senator Bob Smith to run in Florida

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    In another email, Sen. Smith addressed ballot access issues after I asked if I could post details of our email on this site. He claimed he’d “seen that site” and that he was very concerned about ballot access issues, since he sees them as unfair. I know that Sen. Smith is very close with Constitution Party founder Howard Phillips.

  2. mdh

    Is he considering running on the CP ticket or GOP? The article isn’t clear on that. Is he certain on it himself yet?

  3. Trent Hill Post author

    Paulie, it must be a problem on your end. Coming through fine here.

  4. paulie

    Fine here now too. I hadn’t realized the computer reset while I was sleeping. As I looked at more sites and posts it became clear what happened.

  5. PTK

    According to, he is running as a Republican. But i predict that he will fail miserably and seek a minor party’s nomination and if that fails he will run as an independent. Basically the senatorial equivalence of Alan Keyes in the 2008 Presidential Election, even though I admire the guy.

  6. Trent Hill Post author


    I sincerely doubt it. I’d bet he’ll run only as a Republican. Should he lose, I’d look for him to become a Presidential candidate for the CP in 2012.

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