Steve Kubby: Appeasement is the Disease; Freedom is the Cure

Posted by Steve Kubby at ShadowCabinet.US and reposted to IPR by Paulie. Steve Kubby was the 2008 and 2000 runner up for the Libertarian Party VP nomination, the 1998 California Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, and a candidate for the 2008 Libertarian Presidential nomination. Disclosure: I worked on Kubby’s 2008 Presidential nomination campaign.

“Government doesn’t work. It doesn’t keep our streets safe and it doesn’t educate our children. Government is good at only one thing: It breaks your legs, hands you a pair of crutches, and says, ‘See, without us you wouldn’t be able to walk.’”

— Harry Browne, Libertarian

Recently, I observed that paying taxes on medical marijuana was immoral, unconstitutional and “would provide law enforcement with a new quiver of charges against us.”

Some of my activist friends disagreed, arguing that Obama had “changed” federal policy and we were in a new era. The next day a dispensary in San Francisco was raided by federal DEA agents, based upon their alleged failure to pay all of their state taxes.

Some of the best minds in our movement support taxes, admitting it is really protection money, because, in their view, paying bullies to leave you alone is a viable option. Anyone who has ever dealt with a bully, be it in the schoolyard or the criminal justice system, knows that placating and appeasing only increases the threats and bullying.

The appeasers argue that we must be “realistic,” and that we must “change the system from within.” They say we must give up some of our rights, in order to be safe and to create peaceful change. They urge us from one beg-a-thon to the next, imploring us to write the ruling class and beg for leniency. The even cut deals, behind our backs, trading away our rights for their agenda of “regulation and taxation.”

The other day, I had breakfast with the founder and operator of a dispensary that pays $100,000 a month in taxes. She was telling me how Betty Yee of the California Franchise Tax Board was telling the DEA to back off. I asked if the $100 million in taxes being paid annually by licenses dispensaries, on the backs of sick people might not be better spent buying us, I mean electing, a Governor and Attorney General. She had no answer.

Whatever short terms gains appeasers think they might be winning, they betray us all by cooperating with an unconstitutional rogue government.

Appeasement doesn’t work, not when you are in a cultural war with real bullets and the biggest Gulag in the world.

Freedom works. Free choice, free markets and free minds, that is what we can place our trust in, everything else is the road to Hell.

6 thoughts on “Steve Kubby: Appeasement is the Disease; Freedom is the Cure

  1. Rich Paul

    The problem with compromise with thugs is that they have nothing to give you. They can only offer to take less. Well, if you give up a fight in return for their taking less, all they have to do is continue coming and demanding more until they have it all, one piece at a time.

  2. Gene Trosper

    The subject of compromise brings to mind a couple of choice Ayn Rand quotes:

    “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”


    “There can be no compromise between a property owner and a burglar; offering the burglar a single teaspoon of one’s silverware would not be a compromise, but a total surrender—the recognition of his right to one’s property.”

  3. Jerry Shoc+** **

    “Freedom works. Free choice, free markets and free minds, that is what we can place our trust in, everything else is the road to Hell.”

    I will heartily second that Mr. Kubby…

  4. sam wayne smith

    The Power of Positive Giving
    Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 1:56pm | Edit Note | Delete
    Well, duh, yeah it’s bout weed. Legalization is about winning the drug war, right? So why is the demand to have the LOSING side make all the rules and take the money? If my side wins the war, I want reparations.

    I want to GIVE away the money. Look, it is our money, we fought long and hard to win the war and I don’t want it going to buy bullets and bombs. So, we give the money direct to the people who need it–health care, education and elder care, locally, for max impact on politics.

    Taxation is loathsome, there is a better way, and we control the cash flow. By focusing on the areas of most concern, we create a new anti-tax paradigm. I think that sharing our wealth like we share a joint is the way to roll the bastards over. We have more disposable cash than Standard fucking Oil, Buy our way to freedom. Buy freedom by giving people what the government is failing on–the holy trinity of social welfare, elder care, education health care.

    We can up half of the gross revenue-50%- if we do it freely- and still make obscene money. Half of the production and distribution cost are to deal with risk. If we give away nationally half the gross, that is say, $50 to $60 billion annually, we control the biggest political slush fund in history. It is done as long-term Social Science research to find the true value of cannabis in our society. This is my blend of spirituality, economics, idealism, self-insurance, pragmatism and fantasy all rolled into one. If we maintain control by giving it away , we will win the war.

    I have details in any area of concern. As an end note—my religious freedom case has been accepted by the Netherlands Supreme Court for review. I have an excellent attorney and the question is simple, Since there is no threat to the health and public order around my use, production and distribution of cannabis in a PERSONAL spiritual context, why can’t I do it?

    Let’s see if this concept is salable

  5. Mik Robertson

    Darn Right! If it weren’t for those confounded tax laws that freedom-fighter Al Capone would have remained free.

    If people held out for all or nothing, there would be no legal dispensaries now. Maybe one day marijuana would have been legalized without taxes, maybe not. If the taxes are outrageous, there will still be a black market.

    Although the shadow secretary does not come out and say it, perhaps he is advocating that all medicines not be taxed. Nor should religious sacraments be taxed as alluded to @4.

    There are legitimate and compelling arguments that can be made to remove taxes now that there is legal use. Why not promote the next step rather than lament the first step?

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