Socialist Party SPUSA supports “Day of Action for Troy Davis”

Posted at the list-serve for Socialist Party USA, “SP National List”:

May 19th is a day of action for Troy Davis.  Find an event in your area here: [Amnesty International USA]

For more info on Troy’s case see here: [SPUSA newspaper]


Restrictions on Federal appeals have prevented Troy Anthony Davis from having a hearing in federal court on the reliability of the witness testimony used against him, despite the fact that most of the witnesses have since recanted, many alleging they were pressured or coerced by police. Troy Davis remains on Georgia death row, and may be scheduled for execution in the near future.

Troy Davis was sentenced to death for the murder of Police Officer Mark Allen MacPhail at a Burger King in Savannah, Georgia; a murder he maintains he did not commit. There was no physical evidence against him and the weapon used in the crime was never found. The case against him consisted entirely of witness testimony which contained inconsistencies even at the time of the trial. Since then, all but two of the state’s non-police witnesses from the trial have recanted or contradicted their testimony. Many of these witnesses have stated in sworn affidavits that they were pressured or coerced by police into testifying or signing statements against Troy Davis.

One of the two witnesses who has not recanted his testimony is Sylvester “Red” Coles – the principle alternative suspect, according to the defense, against whom there is new evidence implicating him as the gunman. Nine individuals have signed affidavits implicating Sylvester Coles.

9 thoughts on “Socialist Party SPUSA supports “Day of Action for Troy Davis”

  1. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    I also know that from September 2008, the Green Party of NY State is on the record asking to stop the execution of Troy Davis.

    Link to gpnys statement is here:

    There are probably other Green Party orgs with statements, too.

  2. John C

    I wonder if any LPs have ever made any statements on any of the innocent people on Death Row/executed/framed. I know I get most of my information on these victims from “small l” bloggers/journalists.

  3. mdh

    That is a big focus for me, yes. It’s taking up a lot of my time, and one of the hardest parts is fundraising. Getting together thousands of dollars is difficult. Getting together a hundred dollars isn’t even easy.

  4. Jeremy Young

    I just want to say thank you to Kimberly for finally bringing back to this site some left-wing third-party news.

    I really wish there could be a merger between this site and Green Party Watch, like there used to be in the TPW days. As a left-leaning statist, I’m more interested in leftist minor parties than in the LP or CP, but I’m not sold enough on the Green Party itself to want to read a site about it alone. If there could be more news here about the GP, I’d love it.

  5. mdh

    Jeremy, it’s always been Trent’s desire as far as I know to cover as much independent and third party news as possible here. If you’re interested in writing some stuff on left-statist parties, you should contact him. 🙂

  6. Billy W.

    You can find a report-back from the demonstration in support of Troy Davis on the Socialist Party USA NYC Local website.

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