Some high profile guests, including Peter Schiff, expected at the Libertarian Party of Connecticut convention

A press release from the Libertarian Party of Connecticut tells about their May 30th, 2009 convention.  Guest speakers will include Peter Schiff, Karen Kwiatkowski, and Katherine Albrecht.  Anyone who cannot attend in person will be able to watch the convention live on

The press release:

Bridgeport, CT – On Saturday, May 30th, the Libertarian Party of Connecticut (LPCT) will hold their annual convention at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Although 2009 is not an election year, the convention is generating a great deal of interest due to the impressive lineup of speakers – including potential Senate candidate Peter Schiff. Schiff, a Darien resident, is the founder of Euro Pacific Capital and the well known author of “Crash Proof” and “The Little Book for Bull Moves in Bear Markets”.

Other featured speakers include:

· Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who became a noted critic of military intelligence leading to the Iraq war.   Karen writes for a variety of web sites and journals, including regular articles on

· Katherine Albrecht, a sought after campaigner and expert on privacy issues, who hosts a daily syndicated radio show.
The event will kick off at 3pm with the speakers appearing at varying times throughout the night (a schedule is available at Tickets for the event are still available for $45, which includes a buffet style dinner reception.

For the first time ever, those unable to attend in person will still have the option of participating in the LPCT convention via the internet. The convention will be broadcast live on ustream using the LPCTTV show. This video feed will also be available directly from the official website of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut,

The LPCT will also be taking questions for the scheduled speakers via Twitter. Those wishing to submit questions and receive updates live from the event should “follow” (twitter speak for monitoring a user) LPCT2009. Please use hashtag #LPCT2009 for questions.

30 thoughts on “Some high profile guests, including Peter Schiff, expected at the Libertarian Party of Connecticut convention

  1. Robert Milnes

    Looks like Schiff faces the Ronulan Paulnut dilemma. Run as a God Forsaken Republican and-possibly -win. Run as a Libertarian and definitely lose. Unless he adopts The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. But that would involve vote coordination with a bunch of left wing Yale professors & antiVietnam War Yippies.

  2. Robert Milnes

    KK, Rock their world & announce you are accepting the vp position on the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Independent fusion ticket.

  3. whatever

    Connecticut native Ann Coulter and her adam’s apple may show up to announce an XX/XY fusion ticket.

  4. Jim Davidson

    Karen clearly knows better than to accept the VP position. Besides, she’s better known than you, Robert, and should be presidential candidate.

    Best wishes to the folx in Connecticut for a successful event. I’ll be at the Boston Tea Party event in Kansas City, MO. (To which Robert Milnes wasn’t invited and won’t come? lol)

  5. Robert Milnes

    J.D., K.K. “…better known…” than R.M.? That may not be true anymore. In order to actively ignore someone, you have to know of his/her existance.

  6. Robert Milnes

    Nate, ok, fair enough. If KK declared support of The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy & a presidential run & asked me to run vp with her, I would certainly consider it & would probably say yes.

  7. Trent Hill


    You’re nuts.

    Everyone else,

    Schiff is running. Take that to the bank. He’s going to the Libertarian convention to be sure that they dont nominate anyone else, he’s appearing on Glenn Beck today, he’ll be on the Daily Show sometime in the next week or so. Trust me, Schiff is in.

  8. Daniel Kamerling

    Since Schiff is a smart guy he’s going through the motions of PR to determine popular response. He doesn’t need to play politics with LPs…the single biggest thing on his mind should be general polling data and expectations from donors. Its a numbers game from which he’ll decide Dem, Rep, Ind, hopefully LP, or not to run.

    Since Dodd is considered vulnerable it creates a situation where there will be competition. This is a good and bad thing…it means many resources will be spent for him attacking Dodd and from internal fighting amongst Dems/Reps. However, it is also distracting and still competition.

  9. Ross Levin Post author

    Maybe Schiff is trying to convince the LP to support him as a Republican? I guess we’ll see what the story is soon enough.

  10. citizen1

    Trent do you know something or is just the things that you mentioned that make you say Schiff is running?
    I do not know anybody that has said that he is definitely running. Non of the people that I know that have met with him could get him to commit. I do however all ready have 2 Peter Schiff 2010 shirts.

  11. stir the pot

    Robert Milnes was not invited and will not attend.

    Yeah well, how many people did you invite to your “Progressive Coalition” National Convention at the Waffle House? And how many showed up…not counting your diffused personalities?

  12. Trent Hill

    Robert–in addition to your high level of crazy, you have a pretty rudimentary understanding of English.


    You’re nuts.”

    “You’re” as in “you are”.

  13. Jim Davidson

    @9 “K.K. “…better known…” than R.M.?”

    Yes. She has, e.g., a column. Do you? You do not. Perhaps you weren’t invited? lol

    She was at the 2006 event. Were you? Perhaps you weren’t invited.

    @19 Elmont!!

  14. Robert Milnes

    J.D., it depends on the definition of “better known”. If only a few Ronulan Paulnuts read compared to word of mouth -to say- some comments I make on IPR? Over the course of years of low level(best I can manage) campaigning?Plus international notice of the BTP nomination!

  15. Nate

    And here I thought Trent *was* a straight man. Isn’t he married, does his wife know about this?


  16. theCRASH

    What happens when an unmovably illogical object is met by an unstoppably deranged force ….

    Mental ………………………………. <—- illness
    Mental …………………………. illness
    Mental ………………….. illness
    Mental ………….. illness
    Mental …… illness
    Mental .. illness
    Mental illness

  17. Trent Hill

    “And here I thought Trent *was* a straight man. Isn’t he married, does his wife know about this?”

    Im definetly straight =)

  18. Robert Milnes

    Institutionalized & Proud! Been there; done that. The FBI & DHS go out of their way to keep an eye on ME! Friend to Thoreau: Why are you in there? Thoreau: Why are you out there? You people-the mass of quiet desperation mental cases-could use some radical psychiatry/psychoanalysis primers & therapy. Not just Freud & Reich; R.D. Laing et al. Paraphrasing Laing-Before any war or atrocity can even be possible, everyone’s hearts & minds have had to already been laid waste. No, I am on the inside looking out- at you! A little Vonnegut couldn’t hurt either. Where is Montana Wildhack?

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