British Columbia Marijuana Party leader being prosecuted for selling pot seeds

Marc Emery, the “Prince of Pot” who sold millions of marijuana seeds and helped form the British Columbia Marijuana Party, is being prosecuted in Seattle, Washington for selling seeds to Americans.  He recently gave up a fight against extradition, and is attempting to make a deal with his prosecutors in order to lighten his sentence.  If the deal goes through, he will face a maximum of about eight years in prison, if he is convicted.

Emery was the driving force behind the founding of British Columbia’s Marijuana Party after the provincial elections in 2000.  From 2001 until 2009, the party nominated a significant amount of candidates, but failed to ever get more than a few percentage points of the vote.  In the 2009 provincial elections, the Marijuana Party ran two candidates in order to keep their party status, but endorsed the Green Party candidates in every race.  The police raid in which Emery was recently arrested happened at the Vapour Cafe, which doubles as the headquarters for the party.

4 thoughts on “British Columbia Marijuana Party leader being prosecuted for selling pot seeds

  1. Kalim Kassam

    Being leader of the BC Marijuana Party is not Emery’s only 3rd party connection. In 1979 after attending an election debate in his hometown of London, Ontario, he was handed a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged by a Libertarian Party candidate. “Since then”, he says in this video he has “been pledging my life to getting people out of jail, smashing the state, thwarting the government’s pernicious laws and generally advocating Ayn Rand’s ideal of free and prosperous society based on consent and cooperation–and of course capitalism”. In 1980 he ran for the Canadian House of Commons as a Libertarian Party candidate. Later he helped found the Unparty, the Freedom Party of Canada, and was involved with the Marijuana Party of Canada.

    After he moved to Vancouver, he started the British Columbia Marijuana Party which he still leads although in in this year’s provincial election he lent his support to the BC Greens and his wife Jodie ran as a candidate for them. With the proceeds from his mail-order marijuana seed business (before it was shut down by the DEA), Emery supported libertarian and anti-prohibition political parties and ballot initiatives in Canada, the US and around the world.

    Oh — and did I mention that he was a big supporter of Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential nomination campaign or that he endorsed the LP’s Bob Barr and the CP’s Chuck Baldwin ?

  2. rachel h

    Anyone know WHEN? Sounds like a great time/place for an activist with FIJA flyers. :o)

  3. Jim Davidson

    You can follow Marc’s situation on his Youtube channel or on Facebook.

    Since he is proposing a plea agreement, where he would plead guilty to something made-up and non-violent, non-criminal in nature, I’m not sure what good FIJA fliers would do. They wouldn’t do any harm, but there won’t likely be a jury trial.

    Marc has organised a farewell tour of different parts of Canada. You can probably find particulars in his Cannabis Culture magazine online. If, you know, you were to do something like google for the data.

    I met Marc in 2000 in London, Ontario at the International Society for Individual Liberty world congress ( He was a very inspirational speaker. I believe he’s really dedicated to the cause of freedom.

    The government of the USA is a crock and their drug laws are evil. The other night, Jon Stewart interviewed some cack-handed CIA wannabe who thinks that the opium poppy trade is financing improvised explosive devices which are killing American troops. She said the Taliban in Afghanistan gets $500 million from opium poppy sales.

    I was surprised to find that Stewart didn’t bother asking her whether that was a great reason to end the drug war. Save a lot of soldiers lives, cut way back on the profitability of opium, expand the supply of morphine, all kinds of good effects. And it would take about a week to get the Senate to approve withdrawing from the narcotics trafficking treaties to make it happen.

    Two weeks if you want to get other countries to agree. lol

    The war on drugs is a war on freedom. God gave mankind all the herbs bearing seeds, including hemp and poppy, to be for us as meat. Genesis 1:29 Man’s law should not be set against God’s law – the cost is very high.

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