Louisiana Libertarian Senatorial Candidate Anthony ‘Tony G’ Gentile Speaks Out

The Libertarian Party’s senatorial candidate in Louisiana told his supporters not to fret about the lack of attention from the press. Gentile’s website has received over 9000 visits in a month, and he is the only candidate who has promised to resign if the public is dissatisfied with his job as senator.

Gentile’s Web site has more than 9,200 hits in a little more than one month. “The word is getting out and the offers of help are rolling in, it’s very inspiring,” Gentile added. “On my website, to my knowledge, I am the first and only candidate to have a written guarantee, if I do not perform in a positive fashion, fire me. I will resign. Every November we’ll look at the feedback from you the voters and my voting record. If I cannot reconcile my actions with your concerns, I will resign.”

You can read the full article here. Source: eNewsChannels.

You can visit Anthony ‘Tony G’ Gentile’s site here.

21 thoughts on “Louisiana Libertarian Senatorial Candidate Anthony ‘Tony G’ Gentile Speaks Out

  1. Third Party Revolution

    We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Anthony Gentile in his race for the Louisiana US Senate Seat, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking offices nation-wide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  2. mdh

    In a search on the main page of his website, the word ‘libertarian’ does not appear at all. The term conservative appears, however.

    Excerpt: “I am a conservative however I do believe anybody can have a good idea, policy, or a law that can benefit our country. I see through party lines and look at the intent. My vote will be made with you in mind, not a party or organization. ”

    In fact, the word Libertarian doesn’t appear on the vast majority of pages on his site. The one page I could find it on says: “Mr. Gentile formerly announced his candidacy as an independent Thursday, May 21st, but has decided to join the Libertarian Party citing that he finds this is where the true home of conservatism is now.”


  3. Donald Raymond Lake

    And yet, is not listed with whitepages.com, the state elections board or ethic panel, and phone goes directly to voice mail!

    Hey Tony, is there any ‘there, there’?

    Louisiana Libs not much better!

  4. Michael Seebeck

    No, Don, what Matt appears to be upset about is both A) brand labelling, and B) mistakenly conflating conservatism with libertarianism (Thom Hartmann Syndrome).

  5. Donald Raymond Lake

    I did not disagree with Matt specifically, but in general. I also agree that Libs do not automatically equate to what ever formula gives conservatism.

    I mean ‘what’ is conservatism? Financial conservatism springs directly and undiluted from Classical Liberalism! [As does much of Libertarian thought. As for Libertarian ‘action’, there is so little of that, that what is overt is under the public’s radar……….]

  6. Ross Levin

    Does Thom Hartmann do that a lot? I’ve never actually listened to him but he’s supposed to be a lot like Rachel Maddow, who is a decent commentator, especially considering that she’s on a GE channel.

  7. Michael Seebeck

    He does it like, almost daily. This morning he had on Tanner from Cato in the first segment about health care, agreed with the libertarian market perspective on the issue, and next segment equated libertarians to Rockefeller Republicans (which admittedly was something new for him).

    The alternatives at that timeslot are Limbaugh or news, which gets repetitive after 20 minutes.

  8. Catholic Trotskyist

    There are no more real conservatives. Real conservatives is the absolute monarchy/feudalism policies from before the American and French Revolutions, advocating no personal liberty and complete subservience to the divinely-inspired government. All of us now are just a bunch of liberals, whether we consider ourselves liberals, libertarians, socialists, or Catholic Trotskyists like myself, trying to restore the good parts of true conservatism without going into authoritarian madness.

  9. Morgan Brykein

    The Libertarian Party needs to be a “big tent party” like the big guys, but with the unifying ideal of personal liberty. Heck, I’m a libertarian socialist who disagrees fifty-fifty with the party, yet I’m a Libertarian.

  10. Brandon H.

    Gentile ran as an independent for governor in 2007 and then as a member of the IAP for the CD-1 seat in the special election in 2008 (for the seat vacated by Jindal when he got elected by Governor and was won by Scalise). I’m not sure of Gentile’s political views, but it is good to know that he sees the Republicrats as part of the problem.

  11. Third Party Revolution

    It’s a good thing that he sees the two major parties as the real problem, but with a conservative political view, I always keep wondering why he is running as a Libertarian. Doesn’t he know that while conservatives and libertarians share similar fiscal issues, they are opposites on social issues?

  12. Morris Gutman

    Libertians are fence riders.
    In other words NO GUTS.

    Tony Gentile will lose the Senate race.
    And next election for whatever, he will have a different party affilliation.

    He simply look for money.

  13. Roy93

    Sugerencias puede haber muchas, y creo que todo el mundo opina de la mejor manera, pero la verdad es que está en cada uno de nosotros poder hacer lo que queramos. ,

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