13 thoughts on “‘Top Ten Reasons to Like Third Parties’

  1. Erik Geib

    Is there a written transcript (i.e. 1.) eakdsfadj 2.) asdfadj) anywhere for those of with technologically-challenged computers?

  2. d.eris

    I wrote a short post on Kimberly’s talk yesterday at my site and took some notes on each of her points, here’s a thumbnail sketch:

    1) If only 2 parties, who picks which two parties? Why these two specific parties, why not Whigs/Progressives?
    2) If more than one religion, why not more than one or two parties? Ballot access laws limit right to free association, privileging some associations and marginalizing others.
    3) Back room politics. Third party necessary as check on the two main parties.
    4) If only choice in 2012 is R or D, how could we possibly move agenda to the left? The only pull would be toward the right. Primary campaigns? Yeah, but they are not very successful, progressives are marginalized in the Democratic party, (just as conservatives are marginalized by the Republican leadership).
    4a) Pendulum political swing idea. If we only have a binary dialectic, where does forward momentum come from? Third parties are incentive, threat to force forward movement.
    5) If someone you know were to run for president would you want to stop them, what would you think of people who attacked them, what would you think of unfair ballot access laws, the media hurdle etc.?
    6) What if you were to run for president? What would you think of such reactions and restrictions?
    7) Third parties create smaller organizations, more tight nit, easier entrance etc.
    8) In third party organizations it’s easier to get ahead for regular every day folks, you can have more effect more quickly.
    9) Ballot access laws are prejudiced and biased, discriminatory.
    10) National third parties have already had great effect in our country. Anti-slavery, women’s right to vote party, the Prohibition Party etc.

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