Australia: Sex Party Could Be New Senate Powerbroker

Written by Staff Writers | Canberra Times

It’s quite likely that after the next federal elections the Senate will have representatives of a new minor party, the Australian Sex Party, but with every likelihood that the impact on government policy won’t be minor.

Minor parties have been characteristic of Australian politics for more than 50 years, ever since Bob Santamaria’s endeavors to take control of the ALP were thwarted by the ALP leader, Doc Evatt. The split resulted in the Democratic Labour Party, which represented a Catholic view point and lasted 20 years.

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12 thoughts on “Australia: Sex Party Could Be New Senate Powerbroker

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    I really hope they are wrong. The Swedish Pirate Party is cool and perfectly in line with the morals of Catholic Trotskyism, but the Sex Party is a force that must be stopped.

  2. paulie Post author

    I don’t think the Sex Party supports rape of any sort, at least not from anything I’ve read in their newsletters, which I subscribe to.

    Voluntary incest is a different issue, although if children emerge with birth defects there’s a liability case to be made.

  3. Third Party Revolution

    I wasn’t trying to say that they would support rape but instead pedophilia. However I know that there is the issue of consent, but in my opinion kids can consent, especially with that issue in Idaho where the 14 year old boy had sex with his 28 year old babysitter.

  4. mdh

    Sex between two consenting adults is no one else’s damned business. That’s the Libertarian Party’s stand, and I’m sticking to it!

  5. Third Party Revolution

    mdh, I respect your opinions as well as everyone’s here on IPR, as well as other political parties such as the Sex Party. I was just expressing my personal opinion, even though I have been making nonpartisan comments here on IPR, BAN, and GPW. And in order to be a nonpartisan group, I made a liberal friend of mine an administrator. Melty, this story happened last summer, and you can watch a news story about this here:

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