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Missouri Libertarian Party to testify at MIAC hearing

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From the Missouri LP:

Missouri Libertarian Party Vice Chair Cisse Spragins will be testifying at a Missouri House of Representatives Interim Committee on State Intelligence Analysis Oversight public hearing August 31st in Grandview, MO.

In March, a "Strategic Report" on "The Modern Militia Movement" written by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) was leaked to the press.

The memo claimed that membership in, among other groups, the Libertarian Party and/or the display of what it calls “political paraphernalia” in support of the party or its 2008 presidential nominee (former US Congressman Bob Barr) could be an indicator that someone is involved in a “militant militia”.

The memo was retracted in late March and Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director John Britt issued apologies for the report’s reference to specific Presidential candidates, including Libertarian Bob Barr and Republican Ron Paul, and for the references to specific political organizations, including the Libertarian Party and the Campaign for Liberty. Van Godsey, the Director of MIAC who signed off on the report was reassigned.

By working closely with key lawmakers and continuing to apply pressure, the Missouri LP along with other freedom groups ultimately succeeded in getting the Legislature to create a special interim committee to investigate the report. Hearings are being held around the State. The first hearing was held in Jefferson City in June and the second in St. Louis in July. Hearings in Kansas City and Springfield are planned for later in August or September.

The successful media campaign resulted in a great deal of media coverage in Missouri, including TV interviews. Even some national coverage with the Missouri LP quoted in an article published by CNN and an appearance on Fox Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano.

Missouri LP Chair Glenn Nielsen testified at the St. Louis hearing.

For more information and video please see:

Missouri LP Vice Chair Cisse Spragins is considering a run for the US Senate in 2010 to replace retiring Missouri US Senator Chritopher "Kit" Bond.

Glenn Nielsen
State Chair
Missouri Libertarian Party

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  1. paulie paulie August 31, 2009

    Kevin Kobe sent a message to the members of MIAC Hearings in Kansas City.

    Subject: 1 hour until the hearings start

    If you are coming, and have a spare camera Tripod lying around, we would appreciate the ability to use one. Call;816.372.5530 if you can.

    Hope to see you there!

  2. WarDog WarDog August 31, 2009

    Wow, all the nutbags and wingnuts under one roof. I just hope DHS is videotaping to see if they can find the suspects in the next domestic terror incident.

  3. paulie paulie August 31, 2009

    Only if they point the camera at themselves. But that would be a “violation of their privacy,” right?

  4. Today's Tom Sawyer Today's Tom Sawyer August 31, 2009

    BAM!! “Wardog” got pwned

  5. Donald R. Lake Donald R. Lake August 31, 2009

    And former LP do little and GOP official with the city of Grandview Mike Ferguson lives a few blocks away! Bet he doesn’t make it —- inspite of being alerted by Citizens For A Better Veterans Home.

    Mike is a public official and the sole owner of a ‘communications company’! Too bad he is soooooooo poor at getting and giving information. Sooooooo Libertarian!

    6201 East 149th Street
    Grandview * MO 64030

    * Forbes Feb 2009
    The Ten Worst Small Towns

  6. libertariangirl libertariangirl August 31, 2009

    Give em hell Cisse Spragins!

  7. Donald R. Lake Donald R. Lake August 31, 2009

    3:30 PM Pacific time, and nothing in the Kansas City Star or about Mike Ferguson No Show in the Show Me State ……

    [Why get into politics if you aren’t gonna get into politics ???????????]

  8. John Schultz John Schultz September 1, 2009

    Sorry to prove you wrong, but Mike Ferguson posted several Facebook status updates from yesterday’s MIAC hearing.

  9. Donald R. Lake Donald R. Lake September 1, 2009

    John Schultz: glad to be proved incorrect! Citizens For A Better Veterans Home has been trying to contact him all week. May be he will take five tenths of one second to thank potential allies!

    [Oh, may be he has all the money, intelligence, allies, and net working that he needs!]

    Thx for doing Mike’s [the Communications major and Communications Company owner] business for him!

  10. Donald R. Lake Donald R. Lake September 1, 2009

    And the [hated] local big city daily:

    Your search for “grandview” returned the following results:
    Recent News Kansas City Star
    186 Articles

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    Jazz Blast is Sept. 12 in Grandview Tue Sep 1, 2009

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    Ku Med – Grandview
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    Inez Marie Mencke Dexheimer Tue Sep 1, 2009

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    Maysel Joy Baker Mon Aug 31, 2009

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  11. CHUCKtheFED CHUCKtheFED September 3, 2009

    As per the March 25 letter from MIAC, this event happened with only two Missouri state officials, the guy who made the report, and Van Godsey, who authorized it, having seen it.
    Now, MIAC is the tip top of intelligence in the whole state, and …
    A. the guy who made the report is “unknown”, and
    B. Whoever ORDERED the report has yet to be referred to. ..hence…unknown.
    ..sounds like MIAC is full of ‘spooks’.
    Interim Committee??? Yer gonna need a bigger boat…

  12. Donald R. Lake Donald R. Lake September 4, 2009

    and the ‘could care less’ KCMO 136 year old daily, not one word, before, during or after …….

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